Telephone and Internet

Looks like this may have been addressed in 2013, but in searching for the best provider for telephone and internet this seems a useful site -

Gives advice on what to expect, what to watch out for and a good comparison list in their document “Lifting the Lid on the French Telephone and Broadband Industry”.

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I am actually with them Wendy. They are extremely helpful and take care of everything for you so you don’t have to worry about making calls to try and get an engineer out (if needed). I signed up with them when I first moved here. I had to get a contract with Orange France first of all, but they did all of that for me, then they took over the contract from Orange, and now if I get a problem with my phone, I just call them and usually within 24 hours (unless of course it’s a weekend or a holiday) they get an engineer to my property. The very first week of moving to France, my telephone line went down. So, I called them on my mobile phone, the next day an engineer arrived and fixed the line - much to the dismay of my neighbour who had been waiting for 3 days for an engineer to turn up to deal with her problem!

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Brilliant, Thank you, it sounds good - think we will sign up with them when we complete the Acte de Vente 2 weeks from today! :-)

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Many Congrats Wendy for your forthcoming property purchase. You must be excited. :smile:

Oh, and I forgot to mention, you can either us a UK or French bank account to pay the DD each month! :slight_smile:

Thank you , yes its been a long time coming!

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Hi Stephanie, just in the process of starting to set up an account with uktelecom. I said that you had recommended me and apparently that has earned you a 20eu thank you - I might need to ask you for more details for you to be sent it though! have a good day

Hi Wendy,
That was a nice surprise!
I would be happy to answer any questions you have.
If you could email them through to me that would be helpful. I’m going to be out and about and not near my PC for a while. My email address is
Stephanie :slight_smile:

Hi Stephanie,

It might be a few days as I have to fill in the forms and scan and send them back to uktelecom, but its possible a name alone will be OK if the contract is in your name. If you want to email me any other details such as your telephone no or address please use

Have a nice weekend out and about.

Bye Wendy