Telephone harrassment

So I get a random text from a number I don’t recognize today, asking if i’m a male or female, and on and on and on in all of these invasive perverted questions. I’ve told every insult I can think of in the book (in English and French) to get them to leave me alone, and they won’t, unless I send a photo (I don’t think I need to say much more). I’m seriously debating on taking this to the police, but I have NO idea if I can, or if I can, what I have to do. Does anyone have anything?

If there’s a next time, and i hope there’s not, he say’s he’s a lesbian, ask him if he’s the only gay in the village, and tell him about SFN

thanks. I’ll see what i can do. It’s a whole series of messages but there’s a few key ones I’m sure are sufficient.

I tried, and the texts kept coming. But the police threat worked, thought I have half a mind to try anyway. They were getting pretty vulgar. And it was a he…who tried to tell me he was in fact a lesbian, like that would make me more comfortable with the situation.

I do have a “liste de rejet” but it’s only on incoming calls. I have "activer la protection: as well on texts but it didn’t stop them from coming in.

Does your phone allow you to put numbers on a blacklist? You might check with your phone operator. Also, tell them you’re being harassed. I think they have procedures.

Yep, just put the phone down and leave him on line he’ll soon go away. (I assume it’s a he)

Agreed. Or just fire up the hoover or something similar. Then go way and ignore. x

ignore it, they’ll get bored & leave you alone?