Just of late, we have been receiving calls on our Orange land line which say no more than "Call" as the identifier and if we answer, there is no-one there. Sometimes, as many as 4 per day. We now don't bother answering it but after the rings have stopped, there is no record of a missed call or that any call was received at all!

Now, being the cynic that I am, I cannot think of any organisation that would have the facility to make a call to a telephone and not be recorded as having made that all... Indeed, the myriad "Withheld" calls we receive weekly (which we now don't bother answering either) at least leave a record of a "missed call".

Except of course, Orange themselves....

Now, a week or so ago, I had an email from Orange tempting me to buy an additional service of theirs to "filter out" unwanted calls... at a cost, of course!

If I were to complain to Orange (we are on the liste rouge) about unwanted calls.... might it be that they will offer me that service to cure this issue?

and then of course, the "Call" calls will stop.

Or maybe I just need to take more water with my nightly tipple.

We too are with Orange.

Whilst I am not receiving a call labeled "call" I do receive a lot of annoying "non" calls - some of which are not recorded as a call.

I suspect your theory is good, but Orange haven't offered me the filter service yet.

- Peter.