Telly's on the blink now

Sorted out the podcasts, albeit with some difficulty, but this morning the telly won’t start.

I normally leave the Freesat box connected to Radio 4 last thing at night and shut the whole lot off with the mains switch. In the morning one click of that switch and Radio 4 starts up within minutes.

Last night a slight change, I wanted to record a programme after I had gone to bed, so changed from Manhattan to the Humax and set it up. Then, instead of switching off at the mains, because that would have switched off the Humax as well, I simply switched of the telly with its remote.

This morning, just a red dot but no screen action,. I installed a smaller tv just for the radio but when it comes to tv this evening it will be little use.

Is there anything other than reboot, which I have tried, that I can do? Or is the thing kaput? It is a flat screen of 32 inches but is fairly old. It was given to us some years ago by a friend after her husband died, it was his and she didn’t like it.

I have this every once in while with my Panasonic TV and my Humax HDR-1100S.

  1. Take the batteries out of the Humax remote.

  2. Press and hold the 0 and OK buttons on the Humax remote down for 20 seconds.

  3. Refit the batteries into the Humax remote and power up the TV using the TV remote.

I think the Humax IR remote implementation is a bit leaky and interferes with my TV remote because they’re on nearby IR codes.

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I think taking the batteries out is a good thing to kick start it.
We have a similar issue with our Sky box and it’s remote which seems to have a hissy fit when we don’t use it for a while (we mainly watch French TV via internet and the Molotov app these days). Taking the batteries out of the remote and pulling the plug on the Sky box for a few minutes seems to let it know whose boss.

I’ll try that again with the batteries on the tv remote but the problem is with that, not the satellite boxes, they are working fine as evidenced by the fact that I have radio and tv at the moment using this little tv.

With some difficulty I found the on/off switch hidden away on the tv but all that does is make the red light go out and then back on again, but still a dead screen.

Edit: Hey got it back again. :joy: I hadn’t taken the batteries out of the tv remote before as they are a very tight fit, just spun them round a bit and of course switched on and off at the mains. This time I took a knife to the batteries to prise them out, at risk of damaging them, then replaced them after trying @NotALot 's 0/OK system and we are back with the big screen. :grinning:

Thanks to both of you.