Template to make diy jelly rolls

I have found that in general, jelly rolls can be quite expensive.

I run a local craft group and we are going to have a go at making our own - we are going to pool our fabrics to give us the widest choice, and then give it a go

Here is the YOU TUBE VIDEO doing the demo - let's hope it's as easy as it looks!

I have just spent a week with my cousin who has a quilt shop in the UK and she has given me a large cutting board, rules and rotary cutter. omg it is just so easy to get things straight! I would order over the internet rather than trying to find stuff in France

It is true that Jelly Rolls are expensive - the last ones I saw were around 30 pounds sterling. They are however all colour co ordinated and ready cut which, for a keck handed person like myself, is a boon. I am just getting into quilting and am going to start with 5 inch squares - less of a strain to try and make the first quilt!! Am going to make a baby one for my nephew's baby christening

In my experience Olfa makes the best cutting boards and cutters. You can find large sized cutting boards and good cutters on the web site Rascols. http://www.rascol.com/patchwork/planche-decoupe/ They're marked in inches on one side and centimeters on the other which is practical. The fabric doesn't slip around on the board and they last a long time. I'm a self taught quilter and for years I've been using a T- square to cut my long strips of fabric . It's not kosher but it works! If anyone lives near Toulouse there 's a good patchwork and cross stitch store called Le Petit Comptoir, 8 rue Jules Chalande.

Happy quilting!

Sadly not - I bought one from the USA on Ebay - the Americans seem to have every device known to man for quilting - I am trying to persuade one seller to send me a rotating cutting mat - it is calibrated in inches, which is how I like to work, but not all sellers like to post out to Europe.

Can you buy this device locally, also I would love a really large cutting board and really good rotary cutter. I live near Pontivy but could go to Rennes I suppose.