Tempo 'module d'information tarifaire' question


OH and I have had Tempo with EDF since 2012.

The ‘module d’information tarifaire’ that tells us what colour the day is, is on the blink. Literally. All this box has been doing for the past few weeks is blink rather than do the normal thing which is to indicate the colour of the day.

I called EDF to ask for a replacement monitor box, but there was confusion. They thought I meant the Linky box. But, that’s the box outside connected to the electric meter… Right?

We’re wondering if anyone who has a box inside the house, like ours, whose Tempo account with EDF started around the same time as ours did, could possibly advise. Have you had any problems with it?


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Do you need this box? I get an email in the evening every time there is a red or a white day the following day. Also, it’s possible to go onto the EDF site and find what day is coming up.

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Exactly. Not sure if we need the box anymore. Did you have one?? Only we want to be sure. And it was weird that EDF didn’t know what I was referring to. It’s not THAT long ago, 2012…

We only signed up to Tempo last year, so can’t help you - for a 20 year-old 2012 is half a lifetime ago. :slight_smile:

Hi Mary. We also have the box that shows the Tempo tarif of the day. We’ve had it since before 2012. It seems to be called GIT 100… None of the lights are illuminated at the moment. I’m not sure whether that is because…

  1. It isn’t 8pm yet.
  2. It isn’t working
  3. Everyone knows that it is obviously a blue day ! I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it changes.

OH gets the daily email. It looks like the Linky will tell you the colour too… the final paragraph below is interesting in that it is saying only the Linky gives the official colour du jour.
Our Linky is outside on a pole, very inconvenient. We’ve never touched it.

Compteur Linky
Chaque jour, à partir de 20h uniquement, le compteur Linky informe de la couleur tempo du lendemain. Pour cela, il est nécessaire d’appuyer sur le bouton “+” et de faire défiler (9 ou 10 fois) jusqu’à que l’écran affiche “Couleur Demain”. Avant 20h, le compteur Linky n’affichera pas la couleur du lendemain et affichera “----”.

Pour connaitre la couleur Tempo du jour, il suffit de cliquer une seule fois sur le bouton “+”. L’écran affichera alors la couleur du jour ainsi que la quantité d’électricité consommée avec cette couleur Tempo.

À noter que le compteur Linky est le seul moyen officiel de connaitre la couleur du lendemain. Tous les autres supports sont non contractuels et sans valeur d’engagement, en incluant les informations affichées sur le site d’EDF.fr.


If you use the EDF et Moi app, you can sign up for alerts.

Mine never changes before 8pm when they transmit the next day’s colour.

It continues to annoy me that the cheap bastards couldn’t use LEDs that matched the days colour.

I’ve just signed up to Tempo. I was told they have to announce by 11.00am the previous day, the colour of the following day.

Also they said can sign up for alerts as to which colour the following day is, on all or any, of the app EDF&Moi, email and sms alerts.

I think it’s totally unreasonable if these sources would give non-matching infornation and I was definitely told it’s 11am. Not heard of 11pm, wasn’t mentioned and would regard that as totally

Back soon with links - only received them last week from EDF so they must be the latest.

On the box as it’s 2 of you it’s stopped working for I am wondering if following their focus on the Linky earlier equipment is becoming non-serviced…

Here’s the guff just received, in 2 chunks

Chunk 1

- Une année Tempo débute le 1er septembre et se termine le 31 août, elle est composée de :

     • 300 jours Bleus, où le prix du kWh est avantageux. (grille de prix)
    • 43 jours Blancs, répartis entre le 1er septembre et le 31 août (Hors dimanche),
    • 22 jours Rouges, répartis entre le 1er novembre et le 31 mars (Hors week-end et jours fériés), le prix du kWh est élevé en heures pleines mais reste rentable en heures creuses,

- Une journée Tempo commence par une période d'Heures Pleines de 6h à 22h puis bascule en Heures Creuses entre 22h et 6h. Les Heures Creuses méridiennes ne sont pas proposées sur cette option.

- L'option que vous venez de choisir vous permettra de réaliser des économies, si vous adaptez vos habitudes de consommation.

Soyez vigilant, il peut y avoir jusqu’à 5 jours rouges consécutifs (du lundi au vendredi). Il est donc important, lors de ces 22 jours Rouges, que vous puissiez limiter vos consommations en journée (de 6h à 22h) et les décaler sur la plage des Heures Creuses (de 22h à 6h).

Pour vous y aider, voici quelques conseils à mettre en place :

    • Réduisez l'utilisation du chauffage électrique, et utilisez un mode de chauffage alternatif (poêle à bois, insert…),
    • Utilisez un programmateur pour démarrer vos appareils énergivores entre 22h et 6h (lave-linge, lave-vaisselle, nettoyage four…),
    • Anticipez les recharges électriques (Véhicule électrique, trottinette ou vélo électrique, téléphone, tablette...).

Dès la réception de votre facture de souscription, pensez à activer les notifications depuis votre Espace Client pour connaître la couleur du jour et celle du lendemain.
Selon votre choix, une alerte vous sera envoyée par mail pour les jours Blancs et Rouges et par SMS pour les jours Rouges uniquement.

La couleur du jour reste visible :

    • Sur l'application mobile EDF & Moi : notification envoyée la veille, dès 11h, pour les jours Blancs et Rouges,
    • Sur notre site, retrouvez toutes les couleurs des jours. Celle du lendemain est visible à partir de 11h,
    • Sur votre compteur, vous avez la couleur du jour et celle du lendemain s'affiche dès 20h,
    • En appelant notre serveur vocal (24h/24, 7jrs/7) au 09 70 83 33 33 (prix d'un appel local), vous pourrez connaître la couleur du jour et à partir de 11h celle du lendemain

I’ve seen Tempo indicators that very definitely predated the invention of anything but red LEDs, but the lamps were actually neon & therefore orange.

Fleur, thanks so much. You are exactly one from whom I had hoped to receive a response. Ours says GIT 100 on it, as well. Ours was working fine until sometime in June/July. We don’t pay attention to it as much at this time of year since the days seem to not change from straight blue in summer, in our experience over the years. All has worked fine for years. In May/June we did have a power outage or two so at first we thought it would just recover from the outages after the power came back on, on its own, and resume normal function.

When it worked, the lights showed the colour of the day, and then at about 8 pm the next day’s colour lit up.

It’s a pretty old model, so maybe it just needs replacing, and we thought we better contact EDF to request one.

The French EDF tech passed me over to the English speaking tech, who had no clue, asked me to wait until he asked someone else, then upon returning to me he tried to sell me insurance to pay for an electrician to come and inspect…the Linky meter. The Linky meter is fine.

So, I wonder if perhaps the tech’s strength was his mastery of English and his skills and knowledge of the Tempo system and GIT 100 module d’info tarif were … Let’s say not yet mastered.

Maybe it’s just that we missed a message from EDF stating that, in light of the ability to obtain the info online, the GIT 100 box is obsolete? That’s really what I wish to find out. I don’t want to disregard its malfunction until I understand whether I should care, or not.


Chunk 2 (similar info but shorter)

To check how much you’re using. The key thing is that you have to pre-enable the data collection, you can do it down to every 30minutes readings data collection if you want. It’s not collected till you activate it (i did it in my espace).

Avec votre suivi conso, vous pouvez suivre votre consommation au jour le jour et même à la demi-heure, si vous donnez votre consentement. C’est particulièrement important pendant les heures pleines des jours rouges. Vous pouvez :

Suivre votre consommation en € et en kWh
• Vous fixer un objectif de consommation
recevoir une alerte quand vous vous en approchez

I’d get rid of it. There’s no need for it anymore &, as others have said, you can sign up for alerts, although bookmarking the link below is better as it usually knows the info well before EDF gets around to telling you.

Hi all,

I am trying to find specific info on the Tempo Module d’Information Tarifaire GIT 100.

If you have one, is yours working, and what’s your experience with them, specifically?

Thanks. I appreciate your advice.


…but as has been said, it’s a bit of old school tech that you no longer need, hence other suggestions.

I have a GIT 100 and it’s working fine.

Currently showing Blue for today and tomorrow and just changed to the green LED indicating off peak hours at 22:00.

The signal they send out to show tomorrow’s colour often isn’t received before midnight when EDF take a while to figure out if they’re going to burn a Red Day or just go for a White.

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Thanks. I wonder if you have considered what you might do if it stopped working? Would you try to get it replaced? Cheers

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I wouldn’t bother as the EDF Et Moi updates work just as well and often come in earlier.

I’ve been on the tempo tariff for nearly 6 months now, the last “red” day was the day before we moved. So far, so good but I can’t see anywhere on the EDF et moi app where I can sign up to get email notification of the next days colour. I tend to look at it first thing, certainly before 11 am. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction

I had exactly the same question after joining Tempo - @Badger kindly advised me that I needed to go into the website to initiate email reminders. You have to wonder why the app can’t offer the same?!

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