Temporary data sim

I think I’ve asked questions before about data.
I need a temporary data sim, no contract.
I’m bad enough at the jargon in English, in French it’s impossible to decipher what I need. Basically the neighbour has gone and his WiFi is off and I’m gone within a month as well but I need Internet.


Just a monthly renewal that you can cancel any time. And calls to UK included in the package


so… that’s why your laptop stopped working! :roll_eyes:

Dont know if it will be as competitive as Lebara but Leclerk were good when I had to use them.
Just received a Lebara sim in the UK to test in France when I can get there. Any details of the french version would be welcome.

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If only t’was that simple! :grin:

Awesome. Thanks.

Can you use data on your normal mobile contract and share it as a WiFi hotspot?

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Good thinking. Complicated answer and I will try to explain.
I had trouble with French phone provider and quit, I’ve been borrowing a French phone from so who’s in England but I need more data. My English phone is just back on but using an older phone that I don’t think works as a hot-spot.
I’m going for the lebara option kindly shared above.

I forgot to send you the winding handle a la Trevor Bailey :rofl: