Temporary disconnection of electricity unused house

as it’s looking more and more likely that we will not be able to visit our french property till around this time next year we are considering having the electricity disconnected to save money

there would probably be a disconnection and reconnection charge to take into consideration

with a smart meter fitted would they be able to do this remotely, avoiding the need for the neighbours to provide keys?

will run this past EDF later but would be grateful for any advice in the meantime

We contacted EDF as we don’t believe we will have anybody in the house for some time, they suggested we drop the monthly DD to 16 Euros which apparently covers the cost of the meter. We have not disconnected but clearly usage is almost nothing.

looked at the last bill and saw the monthly “base 6kva” was costing around 8 euro or £100 year which presumably is well inside reconnection charge?

and don’t forget that keeping some background heating on during the coldest of winter weather could save further expense…

just got this back from EDF, only 1/2hr after my e emailed inquiry, and looks a total no brainer!

" have received your request regarding your electricity supply contract for the following address: *************************
Thanks to your Linky meter, the intervention will be done remotely and your presence is not necessary, you just have to communicate the termination date to us to complete the termination of your contract.

Your termination invoice will be sent to you a few days after the end of your contract.

All services associated with this contract will also be terminated.

I would like to reassure you that the termination of your contract is completely free and does not incur any additional costs.

However, I would like to inform you that when the Covid 19 health crisis is over, you will have to inform us a few days in advance of your arrival in the accommodation in order to reactivate the food and anticipate your return.

The reactivation of your contract will be done remotely using the Linky counter and the fees will be applied to your subscription invoice in the amount of 18.46 euros including tax.

You can let me know of your decision by responding directly to this email.

I am of course at your service if you need more details."

looks like the smart meters were smart choice after all!