Temporary social security number

Good morning all,

My OH registered as an ME in 3/2017 and duly received his attestation and social security number. We have eventually got around to arranging our mutuelle and have been told by the company that his attestation is out of date and his social security number is temporary. He is with RSI asa professional liberale, so ameli.fr where you can go online and just renew it is no good. Can anyone tell me how we go about getting an upto date number and attestation, even if it is another temporary one. I am really concerned as we have our CDS rendezvous in five weeks.

No that’s right, ameli doesn’t deal with self-employed people.
Which provider did he register with? He would have been given a list of providers when he first registered and asked to choose one. Who issued his carte vitale, who do you get your CEAM from, who do you get your reimbursements from? That’s the same place he needs to go for his attestation.
Of course if he never chose one, that might explain why he’s stuck with a temporary number…
I am also a profession libérale, I am with LA RAM and I do all these things on their website, but there are many other providers.

You say “we”, normally these days a couple needs a social security number each so that might be another thing to get onto.

Thanks Anna, he is with RAM and has a carte vital, he hasn’t ever used the dr (luckily) so no reimbursements. I will look at the ram website which he’s never used. I say we as it is always me that sorts all of this out. Perhaps a copy of the cv will do instead of theattestation, though I understood the attestation was the important piece of paperwork.

An attestation is important because it has start and end dates on it, which is what they want to see. You can’t tell by looking at a carte vitale whether it is currently valid or not (sounds like yours isn’t!). I believe the attestation also has a code on it that tells them what his route to healthcare is (working, retired or whatever) which again a CV doesn’t tell you.
But I think you’ll find it’s very easy to download an attestation from RAM’s website. I have to provide them from time to time and I can’t remember exactly how I get them but I don’t recall it ever being a problem.

Thanks Anna, I cannot see anything on the attestation indicating an end date but am going on to the RAM site to try to download one.

Ha ha… I’m probably not the only one who has taken a swift look at their Attestation de droits… I printed out a new one earlier this year…

“Attestation de droits à l’assurance maladie
(underneath in smaller print)
Valable du 19/07/2018 au 18/07/2019 sous réserve de changement dans la situation de l’assuré.”

then there is a table with loads of info…

and it tells me to destroy all previous copies… (which I have done)

I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m sure RAM know exactly what information they have to put on an attestation! and whatever document you download will be valid whatever it says or doesn’t say. I thought it did have an end date but I can’t honestly remember, I just download the things from one site and upload them to another, I don’t particularly look at them :grin:

Thanks for the info.,It was quite simple in the end I just went into panic mode because of our CDs application coming up. I didn’t realise the original attestation was temporary and have now downloaded an up to date one from RAM. We have as yet not needed to use our carte vitale so hadn’t even created an account with RAM so had no idea you could download attestaion.