Ten years are gone…

Ten years since my first posting on SF(N). Yep, I first took the plunge on the 3rd January 2013 following the passing of my dear lady just before Christmas a few days before.
SFN provided me with an emotional outlet at a difficult time so I would like to thank the forum for a friendly decade where tempers have been at times frayed but online friends made.
Well done Cat and James and it’s good to see fellow oldies including Stella, Jane, Vero and Graham still knocking about.
Bonne Année tout le monde.



beat you to it by a year Peter…



When did the forum actually start ?

Can you recall any other ‘oldies’ who were around at the time ? I recall David Gay, David Rosemont and Brian Milne but lots of other’s names escape me.

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I remember those people too.
@james is shown as having joined in May '09 and @cat later the same year so that probably gives a good indication of how long the site has been active :wink:
Originally Survive France Network than later Network was dropped to just SF.

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Well, it’s clear… you’re all much older than I am (certainly in SF terms) :rofl: :rofl:

but yes, it can be alarming/surprising to realize just how quickly the years are zipping by…
I hope all those who no longer post, are simply sitting on the sidelines… although I suspect one or two might have popped their clogs (gently I hope) …

ah well…
Cheers to you @Peter_Bird and here’s to the next 10 years … :+1: :+1: :+1:


Crikey, I must be REALLY old :rofl:


Beat me!

Joined 27 Apr '11

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Gawd, I feel sooooo young !


Hello Peter many of us have been there or will be - hang on in there - life is still good alone - same old sun rises and sunsets - same needy birds in the garden - hope yopu have a pooch of a cat xxxx