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My landlord wishes to sell (I’ve two years left on a three year lease). I’ve agreed to leave and we wish to agree a shorter notice period than three months (three weeks). Is this possible? (I know I am within my rights to stay for the next two years, but I’ve found somewhere nicer, however they won’t wait three months)

If you have been officially served a congé pour vente you can leave as soon as you like. This is what our estate agent has told us as we have just served notice on our tentants, so he has warned us not to bank on next three month’s rent as they could leave tomorrow.

I would be tempted to move ASAP if you would prefer to be in the other house, the current landlord will be delighted.

I’m afraid if I don’t do it within the law, the landlord may come back later demanding rent (I’m agreeing to leave early because they are a nightmare and it’s a blessing to go). My notice period is 3 months, how do we word an agreement to end it sooner that keeps me legal.

Oh, I didn’t realise that. A ‘congé pour vente’ Is that the notice she is selling? Even though my end date will be two years from now (that’s how long I’ve got left on my lease), I can leave immediately without notice?

Une fois que le locataire reçoit cette lettre, il peut quitter le logement **quand il le souhaite: il n’y a aucun préavis à respecter , contrairement au [congé donné par le locataire]. Il doit simplement fixer une date avec le propriétaire pour effectuer l’état des lieux de sortie et la remise des clés. Une fois cette étape passée, le bail est terminé et le locataire n’est plus redevable du loyer.

Cela est indiqué dans l’article 15 de la loi du 6 juillet 1989 : « Pendant le délai de préavis, le locataire n’est redevable du loyer et des charges que pour le temps où il a occupé réellement les lieux si le congé a été notifié par le bailleur. »

They have formally given you notice in writing?? If so, you don’ have to give notice, but just write (preferably registered letter) saying that now they have given you notice, and in accordance with article blah blah blah above, you wish to leave so would like to fix a date of x for doing the etat de lieu and handing over keys.


Thanks so much for your help, I’m still having difficulty over what is actually the notice period and I hope you don’t mind considering this again.

(Google translation)…

This is stated in article 15 of the law of July 6, 1989: “During the notice period, the tenant is only liable for the rent and charges for the time he has actually occupied the premises if the notice has been taken. notified by the lessor. "

‘during the notice period’ concerns me, because the notice period is six months and begins six months before the end of tenancy, even if it is served eighteen months early. Is that not so?

I’ve just rethought, and it is either more or less complicated than it seems. Normally you can only be given notice to leave on the date that your lease runs out, ie a long time ahead. I had overlooked that. So your owner is perhaps already bending rules.

What precisely did the notice to leave say?

As it may well be that if he is not doing things correctly it leaves you free to give notice yourself! Normally a month’s notice is for an unfurnished apartment, but can be reduced by agreement.

However, I think it would be good for you to get some professional advice if you can. Have a look to see if there is an ADIL in your area.

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I haven’t been served it yet. My LL wants to sell and I’ve agreed verbally I’m happy to leave. I’ve now found somewhere else and we are wondering how do we end the tenancy. Can we just agree too without notice on either side? I’ve found nothing that says we can?

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Make sure you actually get the congé pour vente signed and delivered in writing? Then you can respond with your date of leaving/confirm date for inspection/inventory you’ve already agreed verbally.

@JaneJones really knows this stuff! I’m just imagining you and the landlord having agreed you will leave in, say, two weeks, whereas without the congé pour vente your lease technically ran for another two years. Then some unexpected event concerning your landlord occurs and their family comes to you for the rest of the rent! So I’d want to receive it in writing and reply in writing and ideally have a confirmation in writing that they’d received that too.

Email is probably enough and you might find a draft if you google “lettre congé pour vente modèle” or similar

Legally you can give 3 month’s notice and go. So if you have agreed with him/her verbally that you are prepared to go, was any timescale mentioned? i would be tempted to just formalise that giving three weeks notice and let the LL come back with counter-proposal if they don’t like it? Depends how worried you are about their behaviour, as if they might make a fuss then need to involve a notaire.

This is a standard letter for giving up a tenancy to send by registered post. You could stick in a sentence to say “since you have told me that I must leave.”

Nom du locataire
Code postal - Ville

A l’attention du bailleur :
Nom du propriétaire
Code postal - Ville

Objet : Résiliation de bail

Madame, Monsieur,

Actuellement locataire de votre logement situé au (adresse du logement), depuis le (date de la signature du bail), je vous informe de mon intention de résilier le contrat de location qui nous lie, conformément aux dispositions des articles 12 et 15 de la loi n° 89-462 du 6 juillet 1989.

Ainsi, je quitterai le logement le (date à établir selon la durée du préavis).

En vous remerciant de bien vouloir convenir d’un rendez-vous afin d’effectuer l’état des lieux de sortie et la remise des clés, je vous prie d’agréer, Madame, Monsieur, l’expression de mes salutations distinguées.

Fait à (lieu), le (date)