Tennis court

Now realise I should have been more specific, the intention is to have a high fence to help stop the balls going into the neighbouring fields, so anyone had any experience with this?

Did it, more than once.

Went camping, once.

I subscribe to the “You can’t say you don’t like it until you’ve tried it” principle!

Chacun à son goût :wink:

Or get another couple of dogs and train them to retrieve the balls? I’d stay if that were a feature of the gite!

A friend of mine has a high wire netting fence around her court, it looks hideous but I suppose it stops about 80% of the balls going into the ulu.

She had flatcoat retrievers who did that :heart_eyes: sweethearts.

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Vero, I had a Flatcoat many years ago and I had her trained for picking up, first time I went shooting with her and fired a shot she took off and ran home and hid under the bed (was only in the fields behind our house). This was 35 years ago and I thought at the time “that was £600 well spent” long and the short of it was she turned out to be a brilliant dog in any weather in rough or driven shooting, but once a terrier lover always a terrier lover.


Do you have an idea of what a tennis court costs to build?

Incest? Morris Dancing? Heroin? It sounds as if you may have some interesting experiences to share… :grin:


Not long back from aquagym (last of the year :cry: ), followed by some tennis (pool and courts next to each other), apero and a BBQ at our clubhouse. Wonderful :heart:


I have no idea at all of the cost.

We had a derelict tennis court when we moved in, we ploughed it up for a veg patch.

You don’t need planning permission by the way, just a declaration en Mairie.

Thank you Vero

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