Tennis court

Hi all,
Does anyone here know if planning permission is needed for a tennis court in the garden.

Discuss with your Mairie. They will tell you if such a construction is possible and what paperwork is necessary.
You are strongly advised not to undertake any financial commitments until you get the go-ahead from the Mairie.

La construction du terrain de tennis doit faire l’objet d’une déclaration préalable de travaux auprès du service urbanisme de la commune.
C’est après avoir obtenu cette autorisation que le travail de terrassement pourra débuter.


It probably depends how big!


Is that the best option? I joined our local (just restarting after dead years) club 12 months ago. I’ve list 9kg and now have an an amazing, supportive, wonderful group of friends (with the coach I set up a ‘filles nulle’ now called Girl Power group, training and aperos every Friday night, we played one night when it was -3c when we were done!). Seriously it has changed my life in a way a home court would never do!


I thought I would ask on here to get a discussion going, yes I do know that at some stage I have to approach the Maire but no doubt there are folks on here that have had some experience with the whole process. The answer to every question isn’t “ask the Maire”.
What is the point of a discussion group if the question gets nipped in the bud with “ask the Maire”?

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I hope you haven’t taken my answer as “nipping in the bud”.
You asked about Planning Permission and, as there is no “one answer fits all situations”, the suggestion is to ask your local Planning/Urbanism person, often found at the local Mairie…

There might not be many folk on the forum who have actually had a tennis court built on their property…
but hopefully someone will come forward with their own experiences.
Of course, their experiences might not apply to your own situation… so the Mairie/Planning/Urbanism person might still be the best path for your enquiries…

Meanwhile, there is a discussion going… @toryroo seems quite happy to discuss the pros and cons of having one’s own court…

As a way of socialising that sounds great but we are thinking of putting one in for our Gite. 9kg is a huge loss, well done.


Are you thinking grass or t’other stuff ? I can ask at our Mairie this morning, if it’s just grass…

Hi Stella, not lawn, not sure what the surface is called.

Perhaps you could have framed your question differently to

if you wanted a discussion rather than an answer?

If you’re wondering if it would be a good addition to a gite, then I’d say “perhaps”. It wouldn’t attract me, but I’m sure there are people who might like it.

OK… I’ve already been to my Mairie (daily visit) but the person who would “know all” is not there until Monday morning…
I was vaguely thinking that a few white lines on the lawn surely wouldn’t need a permit, but one never knows… :wink:

I’ve several questions to put on Monday… and I’ll add yours to the list… :wink:

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Exactly, if it is just nicely mown rolled and marked out with whitewash then there’s no problem at all, a net doesn’t count as a built structure.
If it is that rubbery tarmac stuff or concrete etc then it is a permanent built structure like a swimming pool and planning permission etc is needed. And it changes your tax status obviously.


Is that as well as a swimming pool? Certainly our lot are content to pretend they are getting exercise by the pool. :grinning:
I’m intrigued Paddywack. What’s the dog in your picture?

Must bear in mind, with climate change we are experiencing temperatures during which it is advised NOT to exercise…
and I’m rather wondering if the initial outlay for anything more than lines on the grass and a net… will actually be recovered…


Ooo looking a bit Airedaley do you think?


Some fascinating stuff by Googling… this is a recent article

and this one (albeit 2018) gives some pro’s and con’s of different surfaces…

Surely, there must be someone on SF who has a tennis court and can give some tips… ???

Hi Sue,
The dog was a Lakeland Fell and was the best dog I have ever spent any time with, sharp as a tack and great company, she lived to be 17 and her name was Paddywack.


Porridge, maybe if we get one you may change your mind and come and have a game. Does anyone think that’s a good idea? Maybe this is how I start a discussion?

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Thanks for answering Paddywack. As @vero said - a hint of an Airedale in your picture. :grinning: I love terriers and their huge personalities.

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