Tep wireless internet anyone heard of it?

Hi I will be in France from August 4th for 4 weeks (lucky me) .We have a house there but no landline as we only use it for about 10 weeks a year, I would like to have internet access as I will be there alone for 2 weeks so can skype and stay in touch with the other half(cheaper than him calling me every hour!!)

I've found a company called http://www.tepwireless.com who rent a pocket wifi gadget and it works out at under £3 a day for 100mb which carries over to the next day if you don't use the allowance.

What I want to know is ,has anyone used this or can someone recommend something else. My french isn't good enough to contact Orange there to get dongles and sims.

Thanks, I'll check this one out

thanks Sheila but I'm boycotting Orange,had so much hassle with them

£3/day for 100Mb would be over €100/month for 3Gb !! Bouyges offers a month with 5Gb for €19,90.


Hi Jan. Never heard of it, so can't help there.

Check out the Useful Links page here on SFN - there is an English speaking line for Orange. Here's the link: http://www.survivefrance.com/page/useful-links

Hello Jan!

I’ve heard about TEP Wireless, but I’ve seen some negative reviews about their support service. Remember there are many companies specialized in mifi rental. For example XOXO WiFi, you can read more about them in their website https://xoxowifi.com/


I’m not sure why you would rent a device. You can buy unlocked mifi devices quite cheaply, and use whichever sim card has the best deals for your usage pattern.

seem to be cheaper on .co.uk than .fr …
(FWIW I have a mifi device and I use an Orange sim in France and a 3 sim in the UK)

Edit - Skype eats up your data very fast. Now that roaming charges have been curbed I don’t know if Skype would be cheaper than a normal phone call?

Just make sure and check whichever option you consider actually has coverage where you are.