Hi everyone. We are interested in a house for sale here in the village. The owner has shown us around, and said there were termites but the problem has been treated and he has all the necessary certificates. He says the house “fully complies with the law”.

I’m wondering what we should do now? I don’t know anything about termites, other than if untreated, they can eat a house! Was there any structural damage done? How could we find out? Are there specially trained people who can survey a house and confirm that it is structurally sound?

Any advice appreciated.

Thanks, Sheila

make sure you get an up to date certificate and it covers every bit of the house, my friend had problems with the company who gave out the cerificate and they would not come back out as they said they were not liable for the a certain part of the house and said take me to court it will take you 2 years and cost you more than a new treatment would cost …so beware…

Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions/advice. We haven’t put in an offer yet, but have emailed Ian Morris on Miles’ suggestion. My main worry is that the termites, before they were killed off, may have eaten 9/10ths of the way through a supporting beam, and which could collapse under us in a few months time. So I don’t know how a builder/architect/surveyor could verify this.

My had termites as well prior to buying the seller is resposable for arraginging and paying fot the house to be treated and it should come with at least a 10 year warrenty. the one thing to remember is to treat any new wood you use in any building work in the future and it cetainly would not hurt to treat any exposed wood again in a few years.

they have to have the survey redone before the acte, I recall as this happened with ours, the survey was out of date but after we’d signed the compromis they had it redone. Presumably if the survey shows termites but this was not known at signing of the compromis then presumably the vendor has to either fix it or reduce the price? Or can you back out of the sale?

and afaik it’s only valid 6 months in the case of Termites. Look up Ian Morris, he’s in the Herault and knows these onions very well indeed…

Suzanne is correct, you should get to see this report before you are fully committed to the purchase. The vendor is required to pay for it. If you fear there may be structural damage you should get some local tradesmen in to look over the property. Easier said than done, you will need to know someone who can give you an impartial view.


Hi Sheila

I thought it was now part of the selling process that the vendor must have a report done by a specialist survey company which confirms whether there are lead, termites, asbestos etc in the property (as well as the energy survey). Has the vendor had this done? It forms part of the Compromis de Vente & the Acte de Vente which the Notaire reads through.