Terrorism Tax

Terrorism Tax

Did you know that the "terrorism tax" has been increased by the beginning of the year?

The FGTI is a governmental fund which compensates victims of terrorism as well as victims of random acts of violence. The fund compensated the Charlie Hebdo survivors last autumn, in November, if memory serves. Fleur Pellerin also donated a rather substantial amount from another emergency fund to the newspaper just after the events.

Why? Has the bottom fallen out of the market?

Have you seen the price of virgins these days?

The politicians tell us every day that we are all victims of terrorism. I believe that normal insurance does not usually cover damages or losses caused through acts of terrorism. I saw that some of the Charlie Hebdo survivors received substantial financial support from the public direct. I don't know if the French government gave anything.

The tax is supposed to be saved in a jam jar somewhere and go towards compensating the victims of terrorism.

Another one down in Paris this morning as well! Hope your day improved but for other reasons.

Pay rises! The amalgamated union of terrorists is threatening to not strike* unless they get a pay rise. Next year bomb disposal specialists will be demanding their pay rise.

*Think about it...

A difficult day awaits me but such a distracting pleasure to read David's short response, particularly the final part - thank you, David, there's no substitute for a little plain speaking.

Maybe the cost of keeping the jailed ones in prison? The killed ones are a bit cheaper.

What is this tax supposed to pay for?

Yes, but wasn't that announced even before the Charlie Hebdo attack a year ago. Insurance tends to go up every year anyway, I reckon if anybody lives long enough their insurance bill would be bigger than just about any claim they could ever make :-(

I guess the price of terrorists must have gone up :/

Since January 1st, yes, the terrorism tax on each insurance policy has gone up by one euro (4.30 instead of 3.30, I believe).