Terry and Andrew

Please read and become aquianted with Dyslexia.

Read well...IT CAN be mistaken for lack of grammar skills.

Rember AA Gill from the Sundays he suthers from Dyselxia and has

a ghost writer.

I, of course have the same problem....NOT THICK or devoid of a pass in English exams

but unable to relate to sequence.

Could not follow choregraphy,

drive a car or read maps

ah yes.

Another one I just pinched from a friend whose job it is to try to teach Eurocrats to write in clear, simple language.

There's a world of difference between "Let's eat, Grandma" and "Let's eat Grandma".

One of my fantasies when I was young was to write.

I was gifted with a vivid imagination but left stranded with

spelling and grammar which was highly strung.

Maybe I had a fairy god mother somewhere?I found myself involved in everything.

I worked in a club in West London and put my ideas into

formation bringing together my idols of the moment and filling

the club on Valentines night with my idea of a miss valentine competition

which was a formation of girls from the 2 logal art colleges.

my judges; Tony Elliott founder/editor Time out mag, Ossie Clark

the designer, Mike Harrison from Spooky Tooth my fav band and

Colin Blunstone. No fees involved!

Judges/press reception catered for by yours truly.

By the age of nineteen I had a column with the Chelsea News and

the editor Jim Barnard had surely taken pity on me!

But I had the time of my life looking for secrets from Cream,

Models One and interviewing David Bowie at Kenn Pitts place

...was it Manchester Sq.

In those days it was never about making money but the joy of expressing

yourself was wonderful.

And know that I know what dyslexia does to the spirit like mine

I can say...it is not easy.

When the words flow into glorious discrptive paragraphs in my mind

but when they reach the keyboard they are the script of a stranger.

How can you write a book when your grammar is your worst enemy?


Should have been more LIKE....PLEASE read about and become aquianted with


I understand English.

With you 100% Terry viz the state of grammar.

And I thought the post was very funny too!

Apologies if I upset you Barbara but Andrew is right (and thanks for defending me, Andrew!). It's just a humorous way of making a valid point about the abysmal state of grammar both here and back in the UK. A bit like the tale of the panda that "eats, shoots and leaves" rather than "eats shoots and leaves" (see Lynne Truss's book). After far too many years spent as a sub-editor it's become an obsession, I'm afraid. I cringe every time I hear a French TV reporter say the latest snow fall or whatever is "du jamais vu depuis 20 ans". Either it's never been seen before or it hasn't been seen for 20 years, but not both. People no longer think about the meaning of the words they use. Similarly why is "at" the only preposition known to anglophone (wo)man these days. Why are people disappointed "at" rather than disappointed by or with? Or worried at rather than worried about.

Pedantry rules. OK! :-))

Confession....I did not read the comments just looked at the title

Yes you too...Bon dimanche..

Barbara, my brother is severly dyslexic so I'm more than aware of the problem - confronted with examples of it everytime he sends me an email - and know what a pain it is. However, Terry's post was (was intended I'm sure) 100% humour and not designed to upset anybody. Mine was a reply to those who say you simply don't need grammar etc when learning French with a couple of funny, or intended to be, examples ;-)

Bon dimanche !

But please do not be mistaken we are often people who look very deeply into a subject and

possibly could have been good novelists if we had not been punished with the problem.

I am often told that I am not dyselexic by people who really dfo not understand.