Tesco and Carrefour joining forces

This is interesting. I wonder if we will be able to get Tesco products more easily in France?

If we can will that also mean lower priced British products here (my mum’s HP sauce is a ridiculous price, only one she likes so I grin and bear it) on the shelves of Carrefour ?

That would be great wouldn’t it? A small (or not so small) selection of much-missed products at much lower prices.

I love a bit of salad cream now and again but at nearly 4€ for a small bottle in my local Intermarche it’s incredibly expensive.

Maybe you should send a letter/email to your local Carrefour with a list of products you would like them to stock? :+1::smiley:

Wow salad cream here is 6 euros, mum’s HP is nearly 7 euros for a small bottle, maybe because we live in the sticks and transport costs are higher ! :wink:
There is only a small Carrefour Market, that is 20 kms from here, and their range is limited. Our ‘big town’ 60 kms away has a superstore but as I hate shopping and don’t like big towns my visits are limited.
Can’t see them stocking up on HP and salad cream for my very rare visits :rofl:

Oh wow that really is a lot. Have you ever tried British Corner Shop? I’ve used them for years now to make my annual order of PG Tips, Heinz Salad Cream, Paxo stuffing, Atora suet etc. If you spend more than £100 (or euros I think but you will have to check) then delivery to France is free.

Check them out, link attached. But don’t order before telling me as if I introduce a friend we will both get a discount.

Happy hunting!


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You can make your own salad cream. Look for a recipe for boiled dressing.
I see nobody is concerned that will drive down prices for producers, well I am.
Britain needs to be aware of rising food prices after Brexit, we import so much.
Thank goodness that China is now taking British beef.

Oh Jane, if only you knew how useless I am in the kitchen…I have tried, lots, to make various things , that to others, look and are so easy.
My talent’s, such as they are, lie in DIY, now give me a concrete mixer or a load of tiles to lay or plumbing and I can do it.
I do the basics, but I don’t enjoy cooking at all, I do enjoy eating, but other people’s cooking.
I have noticed that there is a rise here in France of pre-prepared food. When I first came here this was unheard of.
I suppose that marketing and the fact that some families have to hold down more than one job has encouraged this trend. I do worry though about all the ingredients, if you haven’t already, take a look at some of the things that go into them. The amount of sugar and salt is alarming.
Sorry I am drifting off subject, but It does seem that soon a few giant companies, who monopolise the food chain will have a say in exactly what we put on our plates :frowning:

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I confirm the British Corner Shop is great - free delivery for over £100 order. We try to do a grouped order for 3 or 4 people, then it works out fine.