TF & TdH. Help

I have just received both my TF & TdH.
The TF was sent to address in UK and was only received last Thursday, 28/11. The payment was due by the 15/10. I am unable to pay online as it, of course, tells me it is overdue. I do not have the language skills to call them as directed. Is there any other way I can pay it? The other complication is the bank account name. That is in my name, my married name I have had for 10 years, but of course the paperwork for the TF uses my maiden name, as is apparently the way. As for the TdH, my name doesn’t appear on that at all, so I am unsure if i can pay that from the bank account. Any advice greatly received…


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In your position I would set up a direct debit, no waiting for a bill to pay that is already late.
You dictate from which account it is paid. Names do not need to match, all the Treasury want, or is interested in is payment.

Thank you, but it will only accept the DD for 2020. It says I must pay this in full… Just need a way to do it??

Have you still got a cheque book for your current french account? If so write the reference number of the bill concerned on the reverse of your cheque (names do not need to match) just the correct signature for the account concerned.

Thank you Paul… I have considered a cheque… I will also try to contact them, but i think i will fail to understand or be understood :frowning:

Thank you Tracey, I will try sending a check…

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Years ago, in similar circumstances, I faxed my French Bank with a copy of the TFoncier bill and my passport plus written authorization … asking the bank to pay the bill using funds from the bank account they held in my name.

It worked a treat. (and I subsequently got things properly arranged for future bills.)

Using Google or whatever to put together a simple request, you could surely do something similar…

Or, as you say… send a cheque with a brief explanation (Googled) . They will be expecting late payment, since they have sent the bill to UK and will know it can take ages…

This happened to me too my first year here…(I kept my married name because of my kids even though I’ve been divorced from their father for years…)

My first bill went to my previous uk address so I just wrote a cheque including the penalty and posted it to them…the bill was in my maiden name but my bank account is in my married but divorced name…

Once I had completed my first tax return after 6 months of being here then I had the reference numbers to pay online and both bills now come to my home address In Brittany…

Thank you once again, Stella :blush:

I totally panicked but have now wrote a cheque with a covering letter. I will now attempt to set up a DD for next year… Fingers crossed…

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I paid the TdH by local bank transfer for the first time. My French is quite good, but I still felt a bit intimidated by the process - though to be fair it turned out to be very smooth and I received an immediate receipt. But the point I wanted to make is rather different: the Trésor Public will no longer accept payment by cheque for amounts over 300 Euros, hence the need for the virement. Is this a national practice or just something my local Trésorerie (22) has dreamed up?

Yep… of course, silly me… 300€ is the top limit for cheques. Your Tresor is not playing silly games.

Ooops… looks like a bank transfer -from the French bank or a UK bank… is the correct answer.

@Cookie perhaps you could take the bill into your UK bank and ask them to make the transfer… ???

Hmm drat it… ok i have found what looks like an IBAN no. so i will try to transfer it tomorrow. Thank you both for pointing out the 300 cheque limit…
On the bright side, i have set up the DD for next year…

I can understand the 300 limit for cash, but why for a cheque (and card payment too)?

Seems very odd - I wasn’t aware of it previously but anything over 300€ has to be direct debit.

For the TF, I just signed and dated the payment slip (tip sepa) and posted it. It was for over 900 euros and it came straight out my bank account as per normal. No 300 euro limit.

At our local Tresor Public (when it was open) the 300 euro limit was only for cash.

I am not privy to their deliberations/decisions :upside_down_face: the gov site seems quite strict now. :thinking::cry:

Does the Tax d’Hab bill come with a TIP at the bottom??? If it does,the simplest thing is to sign it and send that back with a RIB isn’t it ???

Yes, got it here infront of me.
You only need to send the RIB the first time. Once your Account details are on the TIP / payment slip FR************** (IBAN and code) it is not required.
Signature, Date ,place and post, yup, that easy.

I think basically it’s because DGFIP, France’s public finance department, is gradually digitising everything, and that includes e-payments.
Year on year there are more business taxes that can only be paid electronically, even if it’s a small amount (I’m thinking CFE for instance).
At the end of the day e-payments are quicker, safer, more convenient and more efficient for everyone - how many arguments must it save about whether a cheque got lost in the post or was mislaid by them or was never posted in the first place. DGFIP has been encouraging businesses and individuals to use e-payment for years, and they’re gradually getting more insistent.
But, if you were to go along to your tax office with a tear in your eye and a cheque in your hand, they would probably take pity on you and accept it and tell you to do it right next time.

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@Cookie The answer is now clear !! :relaxed::hugs:

If your Tax d’Hab has a “payment slip” or TIP section. simply date and sign where appropriate and return it in the post with a blank RIB (bank identity slip) which you will find within your cheque-book.

The Tresor will then debit your bank account with the amount of your bill.

Good luck.