TF1 by satellite

Like around 4 million others I live in a part of France were TV via an aerial is a no-no. Since last September the chain TF1 has been excluded from the Canal satellite bundle due to a dispute. I thought that the dispute had been resolved but when I checked this morning TF1 was still not there.

Yet another example of a dispute where the general public suffer throught no fault of their own. The only difference is that the CGT aren’t involved in this one!


TF1 came back here on the TNT package this morning, at least at our place it did.

Its never gone off here, I have fibre optic wifi TV and watch TF1 every night for the news and my soap operas.

Checked my sat box after I posted here and “et voila” TF1 was back. So I could watch The Joker last night.


Yes Gus, it came back yesterday morning. I like the TF1 News as well as a few other programmes.

Don’t forget Evelyn for the weather, she speaks so clearly and easy to understand (I read somewhere she is 74, looks good for her age)

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She’s older than TF1 itself… Quite an achievement!

Also, I love this clip of her… :rofl:

She has some very nice clothes too, not my style but very french chic, even the jeans compared to my scruffy Levis. The young woman Tatiana?, well I am afraid she mumbles too much for me.

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Has a good plastic surgeon I would say. Miaow.