Thank goodness for the UK

Express: UK to save France from plunging into darkness as power output plummets: ‘Need help’.

How much more coal will the U.K. be burning to help us out?

what more could you expect from the Daily Basket Case ?
This has been done to death in other Topics… They won’t mention that Spain has exported a considerable amount of cheap electricity to its neighbour of course and that the reason the nuclear facility production is down is for reasons of maintenance whilst the sun shines unlike the UK who waits until it rains then takes the umbrella away :slightly_smiling_face:

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For just a moment I thought it was another example of bad grammar and punctuation…
(has anyone really read what’s been written …) :roll_eyes: :rofl: :rofl:


Looks like the UK are helping out with the French mustard crisis, the only mustard in Auchan yesterday Colmans English.


That made me chuckle.

Glad you all recognised me posting what made me chuckle. Not much more coal, the UK burns more gas than coal and long may it stay that way.

I think Colman’s mustard uses locally grown yellow mustard seed, which isn’t scarce, whereas Dijon uses scarce brown mustard seed. So, perhaps it’s not the English helping out, but the French not liking English mustard!

I visited Colman’s mustard museum in Norwich about forty years ago. The city(!) like Newcastle, Glasgow and Edinburgh,was classed as an ‘overnight stay’ because the London rail connection was so slow. I remember very little of the museum, beyond some Victorian photos, enamel signs and a collection of rusting mustard tins. However, it’s still there and is (at least according its web site) ‘one of the city’s most popular and cherished heritage attractions.’

I remember far better, an excellent outdoor market and a fine cathedral.

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If you want to keep an eye on where electricity is flowing too/from this site is worth bookmarking.

It also shows the “greeness” (or otherwise) of individual grids.


Very interesting thank you, so far I only had the ESO UK grid app for UK only data.

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EDF are restarting all their nuclear plants over the winter at various stages, so I doubt any dependency elsewhere will last long… Remains to be seen if they will achieve it, but fingers crossed. In the longer term new nuclear plants will be needed.
Electricity prices will go up 15% in January, but without continued intervention that number would have been a great deal higher!

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I must have misunderstood, I thought it was a 15% cap for next year not a definate price hike in one month?


Tory is correct… it’s a cap not a given…

and that is against a predicted massive rise in energy prices…

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and, of course, in terms of the UK approach to this…
There’s even no way the current UK Junta Govt under Truss will even countenance public funding to help towards better insulation of homes for the reason that it will mean a reduction in revenues from energy to their paymasters as a result of using less fuel to heat their homes…

I would have thought that it amounts to the same thing really.

but… thank goodness for the the UK (not)!
Aren’t you glad you’re in France when you realise what you would be paying in the UK…

I saw that it was Gas going up 15% in January and then electricity 15% from February 2023. So if you are reliant on heating by very old non eco radiators, maybe time to get them replaced and the promos will be starting soon for winter heating of whatever you fancy.

I should have said 15% cap, but I’m assuming the standing charges will increase 15% and the unit rate will rise 15%, so in effect we’ll be looking at around a 15% increase… Given the real rate is probably closer to 150%, I don’t think we can complain too much.

Hopefully they’ll decouple electric from gas prices to bring them down, and will also allow people to use renewables at cheaper prices, because the way it’s set up at the moment, these companies are getting paid the same rates as though it were being produced by the most expensive producers… The whole thing is a bit of a con, and if the super profits being made were eliminated they’d be no need to subsidise costs.

Everything seems to be con these days regardless of what is is/was. Remember the self applying alcohol tests we had to keep in our cars back in 2012?