Thank heavens the clocks have gone forwards

… And there is no fussing from the dogs - 6pm supper is back at 6pm. :grin:

On Facebook today. I guess it’s more relevant to October though!

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Ugh I’ll be getting up and driving to work in the dark for a bit longer :persevere::persevere::persevere:

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I spotted this in Lidl yesterday. Self-service may be the solution for canine meal times.

Look on the bright (sorry) side - if France go ahead with moving to permanent CEST sunrise in Finistere will be around five past 10 on the morning of the winter solstice.


That would mean Vita eating breakfast, promptly followed by supper! :grin:


Do we know definitively if this is the last time for changing clocks? (I hope so)

I did a number of school exchanges with France and I can still remember that strange feeling of standing in the pitch dark waiting for a school bus.

I LOVE the long European summer evenings so I’ll be sad if they scrap it. In Oz even with daylights savings it is dark at 8pm which is very sad! And I’ll also be not happy as I love that the roosters start crowing an hour later! Without daylight savings it could be 3.30am they start :roll_eyes:

I found that so strange in Brazil. To come out of the office into the heat and it would be 7pm and dark!

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I went to school in Scotland - we had a lie-in until 9 on a Sunday but in the summer we’d be out illicitly at 5 in the morning with lax sticks chucking a ball about.

And in winter no light until about 9.30, dark again by 4… we had lessons until 6.30 so the only bit of outside daylight you had was games every day.

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not to be confused with kosher sticks of lox…

Where I lived on the Eastern Cape of S Africa, local time was determined by that of Cape Town, nearl y 900 kms to the west. As a result, in mid-summer one was breakfasting in the garden at about 4.15 am and by 4.30 half the town were exercising their dogs on the local airstrip. Then, in the evening, because of the combination of longitude and low latitude, night fell suddenly in between the first and second sips of one’s sundowner.

Singpore - pretty much 06:00 - 18:00, with inky blackness 5 mins either side. Trinidad more or less the same. Sweaty, whichever…

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Sounds like Queensland too - and everyone was in bed by 9pm and up at stupid o’clock in the morning to try to beat the heat / humidity!

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I’m well organised this year - even went through the absurdly complicated ritual activity of changing the clock in the car today, instead of driving around for weeks having mini-panics whenever I forget it’s an hour out.


Can you come and do mine please Geof!


After some deliberation (why are modern men’s watches either hideous, expensive or hideously expensive (and hideous)) I replaced my 15 year old Junghans DCF77 controlled watch. One advantage, obviously, of a watch which picks up a time reference is that one does not need to worry about DST as the adjustment is automatic.

Or at least, was automatic. If the Germans abandon DST I’m going to have to do it manually which is quite a faff as the process is supposed  to be automatic so, although manual setting is possible, it is not terribly convenient.

I have no watch and computers, Kindles etc change themselves. That leaves only the kitchen and living room clocks, soon easily done.

But the cars, as Geof says, absurdly complicated, I have still to do. It wouldn’t be so bad, but the Berlingo and the Partner have totally different methods of changing. :confused: