Thank you alll

This week as always, I have been overwhelmed with good advice and ideas in response to a question on here.
I am not a great social media fan but this site is so well monitored and genuine that although the occasional disagreement is inevitable, I really enjoy the conversation and it is usually balanced and humorous.
On this site there is no one sending direct messages claiming to know my secrets, to which the answer is - don’t tell anyone where I hid the bodies! Lol! Or demanding my ‘asl’ etc, :slightly_smiling_face: no, none of that on here just a a lot of kind and respectful advice, anecdotes, humour and interesting subjects. It makes life’s rough patches easier.
I’ve been on some really cruel sites when I was young and foolish, a year or two ago, I was even approached by a cult recruiter on one, so this site was a pleasant surprise.
So thank you all, you are really appreciated.
(That’s not a tear in my eye it’s antibiotics!)