Thanks for previous asbestos roof or two last Qs? Please?

Obliged to give up attempting to find a roof remover (containing...probably, although I'm now no longer SURE)... some asbestos...the undulating sheet cement/fibre kind of roofing.

Decided it was all taking much too long and why not do it myself.

Yes I'm old. Yes I'm an idiot

...but not too much of either one, to fail to set up the scaffolding etc.

Just as well, because after bashing down the remains of the thick/heavy insulation...I can see NOW...that the supporting timbers, DONT.

They are all rotten, so the entire wooden part of the roof structure is made of mush, and nothing much is wrong with the rows of splendidly solid roof sheets, which I might just be able to shove off the roof myself.

. They show no signs of cracks or damages except for one small bolt hole..., just sagging, and so...letting all recent rains ...soak more into the wood beams and into the house.

As they may well contain some asbestos, as I first thought..

.does that mean no one will want to use them???

No one is permitted to use them?

It's safe ...or not safe..for someone use them?

I want to make the whole roof transparent plastic now...light everywhere...and all I can afford..

(It can't be seen or spoil anyone's view)...

I thought maybe there's someone, need of roof sheets, for a cow shed or similar...

But I don't know if these sheets are useful or not...or even if it's legal to offer them to anyone.

Does anyone know, please?

(Free of course, to anyone who can take them away...from an easy access spot/lowish roof)

I can't possibly leave them where they are the whole thing is like the end of a OO7 movie when everything is on the verge of total destruction..with the joists rotten

...they are like a house of cards, supporting themselves...

I am not quite sure whether I understand your text all the way corectly, but I can only recommend you to stay away from these asbestos issues. You need professionals to remove it, its hazardous and there is - astonishingly enough even in France - very straight legal obligations on how to deal with this kind of hazardous waste.