Thanks Santa!

A bit late to the party but just wanted to say thank you to whoever did our secret santa. Very interesting and novel gifts we did verily receive. Coat, bag and key holders that slot onto the bar when you're taking your morning 'coffee' and want to keep your belongings with you.

Loved it - never seen anything like that before and it was a proper surprise pressie - even better when you're an adult!

Sounds delish to me Veronique! And thank you to those kind people who posted a Secret Santa gift to James and I - much appreciated.

I'm getting worried (in fact I was worried the second I'd posted it) that my secret santa parcel might turn out to be inappropriate; containing as it did a little book on making foie gras & other delicious things using duck and another tiny one full of cocktail recipes. Maybe I shouldn't have gone by personal taste :-(

What if my person is a teetotal vegetarian???

AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH secret santa dilemma shock horror