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Mutton dressed as lamb perhaps?

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Ouch! I have always appreciated the older woman ever since being a teenager, Fran and I have a joke between us that I always wanted a 40 year old but had to wait till I was 40 before I got one, so I wouldn’t neccessarily criticise Mme. Ledsome without being particularly attracted personally.

At 40 Fran had the most perfect legs I have seen before or since, but one of her aides at 64 still wears a miniskirt over bare legs in summer that come pretty close. :blush:

My thoughts exactly. Miaou.

Pffff, mutton dressed as mutton :wink:


I suspect many women of her age would like to look as good as that.

I’m not saying anything mean about her looks, it’s just not a very flattering outfit, on someone of any age. Frumpy trying to be edgy.

I actually really like the coat! Just without the boots and miniskirt :rofl: it would look great with skinny jeans and boots!

Exactly - but with the rest of the outfit as is, it’s frumpy, essentially because it is too try-hard. (Very obviously ‘done’ hair plus lots of foundation plus décolleté plus mini-skirt plus over the knee boots = too try-hard). Brigitte Macron is miles older but does this look much better.


Secretly, AM. :wink: :smiley:

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I think she was trying to co ordinate with the miniters red box.

Mutton dressed as a pirate of the Caribbean.

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Would love to see Edward Scissorhands make short work of that…

That would involve seeing Leadsom nude as a result, surely - shudder :face_vomiting:


£1247’s worth according to the Daily Fail.


Actually, I was thinking more of bits of bloodied coat and chunks of flesh…

What a hoot!

Glad to see she’s cut back because of the cost of living crisis. In touch with the common people, just like Rishi rich Sunak.

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Leading Conservative intellectual Therese Coffey is being mocked for

Though the funniest one I’ve seen referred to an Independent headline, Rishi Sunak in Denial. “I have to say I’m somewhat astonished by the suggestion that Rishi Sunak is in denial, when everyone knows that denial is a river in Egypt.”


“If he’s so tough, why won’t he publicly criticize Trump?”


More from The NewYorker


You beat me to it!

but OTOH I keep telling my wife it’s nothing to worry about because it won’t happen - hope I’m right…