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Sometimes I just think that if the USA elects Trump they will simply get the government that they deserve - there are times when you can’t prevent stupid acts or protect people from their own choices.

Most of the time I worry about the fall out across the globe of giving power to such a creature, but I am powerless to prevent it.

The one ray of hope is that Trump seems to only be getting a bit over 50% of the vote in the primaries (but it’s early days) - and this is amongst Republicans - so hopefully he does not have much chance of being elected if, effectively, 75% of the population is against him.

However anything over zero chance worries me - perhaps the Supreme court will say he cannot run, however I doubt this will happen.

The (IMO) compelling argument to allow him to stand for election is the last sentence in Section 3 of the 14th amendment - “But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability.”. The logical conclusion being that you put it to the American people then, if he wins, put it to Congress as to whether they think the bar to him holding office should be removed.

I suspect that the two thirds requirement will mean that the bar would not be removed as Congress is finely balanced between Democrat and Republican senators and representatives but it might be too late by then. Trump incited one insurrection, I am sure he would be happy to provide an encore.


Apparently Biden wants Trump to be the Republican candidate because he thinks that gives him the best chance of a win.

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TBH I will be surprised if Trump doesn’t win the next presidential, if he can’t be legally barred from taking office. Though I’d love to be proved wrong.

I thought Biden wasn’t planning to run if Trump failed to win the Republican nomination.

I think it important that Haley stays in the race as long as possible - it is unlikely that the protest vote will always be as high as the nearly 50% that we’ve seen in Ohio or NH but without her continued participation Republicans will not see how many of their own clan are against Trump - I suspect that is why Trump wants her to pull out as soon as possible - he wants to push the illusion that the GOP is completely his whereas the truth is quite different.


If you like geopolitics explained by talking countries and items of military hardware, I highly recommend this chap’s YT channel.*

*50/50 chance of swearing in every episode.

I’m hoping that we’re confusing the amount of attention he’s getting with his popularity and that it’s far from a done deal.



:joy: Private Eye?

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Through the keyhole?

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Definitely! What the butler saw :flushed:

I wonder if they are giving loads of info about Charlie’s TURP to deflect interest from whatever Kate has had done.

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She was definitely in for longer than for a normal hysterectomy.

“I worry that democracy’s only hope is Taylor Swift.”

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Not sure you can term a hysterectomy as normal?
It very much depends on how much was ‘taken away’ and the reason for doing so.
I did have the same thought as @billybutcher in that the publicity around Charles is perhaps to distract from Katherine.
Irrespective of the obvious help there will be in the Windsor household for Katherine, being a mother of 3 lively children in a post op situation needs careful management and spending a few extra days in convalescence is a wise move.

What did I miss about Kate? should I scroll harder?

A bit after the fact but…


a pugnacious attempt to make things worse for yourself, just to make a point