That's me , well at least

Hiya All,

I'm not new to the site but to the forum :)

Hence I thought I'm introducing myself.

Long-term traveler and globe-wanderer I landed in France 2 years ago.

Before I lived in: Europe -> Austria,Germany,Italy / Asia: Thailand, Malaysia / Oceania: New Zealand, Australia. All in a time-span of 10-12 years.

I'm married (symbolically) to a beautiful french woman and native of Italy, close to Austrian border (so i'm a mix of two).

I speak fluent English, German, Italian and improving my french...

I like this Forum and what brings me here is seeing how other people are dealing with challenges/solutions of living in the french territory !

SURVIVE FRANCE is a great choice of name for the FORUM , isn't it? :)
Looking forward to share the adventures and here from one another.

I'm not present during the days but check in the spare time.

Oh yeas I run multiple online projects and that pays food for the cat and family.


I’ll have to check that one out Ivan, never heard of it, sorry.

Thanks Shirley. Yes i'm a survival strategist correct thanks for the supporting words though, its nice to hear it from others too :)

On the honesty line: ever heard of a book RADICAL HONESTY... ? I'm going to add it to my to-read list since its very interesting to integrate.


I basically create websites , run e-commerce stores and customer service...

the project is evolving and i'm now extending to give more coaching classes.

its not something i built overnight but as the saying goes: rome wasn't either ;)

well done ref the multiple online projects... Im sure there must be a way to pay for my dog/cat food, likewise...but so enormous inspiration...I have discovered a way to make around one euro, per 15 minutes...via answering online polls...but any more than 3 per day... tends to cause brain fade. I do have a couple of ideas....your success is encouraging....maybe its time... to invest some time....

OOPS…hope 1st reply didnt come over as a négative réponse, Just being brutally honest, its a good site and forum, helped me out Several times.

Hi Ivan, welcome to SFN, sounds like you’ll survive anywhere but yes a good name and website forum, with many good, some not so, interesting, entertaining or boring, discussions or and/blogs, to join in! Not to mention the Sometimes / or not, speedy and varied answers to requests for information and/or advice. Bon courage!