That's MY Property


Not a follow up to the 'why has my car now got 4 breeze blocks' story.

I seem to have set the cat amongst the pigeons there, most have scratched back, and a couple have dumped their distain frimly on my doorstep..if I still had a door step, that it.

I'm now going to start to enjoy the classic Christmas Pass-time. Mags, websites, glossies you name it we are starting to pile it up.

There is nothing more pleasant the having a schooner of Port 'Rennies at the ready' and piles .

Well I say piles, a hand full is enough, Hhmmmm, I can picture it now "Oh look darling we could get shot of this place and buy this farm with 4 hectares and outbuilings, WOW that's cheap...what does Zone d' In- on d-ation mean? Whatever That's MY property.

Here's one, wow look

Oh God, have a read of this blokes Blog!

"Even though it had been blisteringly hot in the last couple of weeks here in Anduze, I did find myself reaching for a Cardy last night....which I did, and I poured a good glug of Coke into it! You would think that it quietens down in the Winter months for a France based Anglo/French Estate Agency... if only!

We are still getting enquiries, and still having viewings, in fact it is busier now than in August. Mind you France does have a tendency to close in August, not the shops, bars and restos but the official type of places, that we need!....C’est la Vie!

We are still working on a backlog of enquiries from our ‘Please keep us on file’ pile, even though some enquiries date back 2 years, judging by the amount of “Oh yes we are still interested” comments, it has proven to be a worthwhile challenge.... we are wading through 2000 or so emails......nighttime work! Where’s me Cardi?

Don’t forget to visit our

FaceBook Page, It would be great to hear from you.

If you are looking for Property in the Languedoc, in particular in the Gard area, FMP have some excellent choices. Properties range from 55k up to 1.2m. Richard informs me that in his view, even with impending elections, which affect the French, the Euro crisis, etc there is a lot of activity, but mainly in the higher end, certainly above the 500,000 mark. He is a very pro-active and aware operator who offers a discreet 'search and select' service, often for out of Europe property investors.

Hi Johnny,

I appreciate your reply, thank you. Truth be known, I've yet to add some great pics that Richard has taken and a few lines yet. He operates with his wife Suoad who speaks a multitude of Languages, and they have to work very hard as they do not have the benefits (nor charges) of a shop. I would not use such an approach for anyone else, and whilst humour, ambiguity and shock are tactics I use often, I do treat the discipline very seriously. I say do, I retired some time back but I am launching an online catalogue in January.

No need to apologise at all, if you put it out there, you to have to be prepared to take the flack. Pass me my tin hat, I'm going in.

Cheers Johnny

Hi James

Richard has some excellent property on his books, I am about to publish some excellent pics and there are some bargains to be had. You know yourself that optimisation is pretty hard work if you want to achieve visibility, your own portfolio of sites clearly demonstrates that, and as we discussed the other day, integrity will always win through. There's plenty of click monkeys out there and loads of outfits selling tweets and link-backs but you are right it's not the way forward. See you online. Cheers

PS Do you know the Vokins group?

Hello Johnny,

Forgive me I am having chuckle right now, as I hope you will once I have explained. A couple of years back I approached the agent Richard Sitters as I was in the market. We did stay in touch. Maybe 18 months back he called me, as his website had become defunct and all the content irretrievable. Being a kindly soul I offered to modernise and re-build the whole site. An arduous task which took 3 weeks. He is indeed the owner of the business, but as it happens I own the URL, and also pay for the hosting charges out of my own pocket.

I do this as we have become the firmest of friends, and speak to each other daily. I do all the updates, particulars, tweets and maintain the FaceBook page. I also write the Blogs and other releases, and advise on all other marketing activities as that was my job in the UK. I spend many hours employing SEO techniques to ensure that the site (which technically I own) is high in the Google rankings. Try searching French Med Property and you will see the results.

I also and produce a Quarterly Newsletter, everything is discussed, and approved. We do collude daily, and we are currently creating a new 'search and select' site which will launch in mid January. The logo is mine too. So far from being offended he would be amused, his number and email are on the site, if you contact him be warned, he'll probably try and sell a house. So any lampooning is contrived , and if 'marketing 'is geared to getting a response, then it's working. If I were to put a figure on the work to date I would say well over 10000 euros.

I stress that I do not get any commercial reward for my efforts just the satisfaction in knowing that I can get the best results on the skinniest budgets, and to help out a mate in difficult trading conditions.

I hope that puts things into context, if you are still disgruntled, please advise the admin, and I will act accordingly.

If all is well then I wish you a happy Season.

Ron Birks