The 5:2 Fasting Diet

Anyone on here been doing this. I started on July 5th this year and have lost 15.5kg to date. Being Type 2 diabetic, this change of eating style has had a huge impact on my blood sugar - my HBA1C was 11.6 in March down to 6.5 in September.

Would be interested to discuss with anyone doing or has done it as well as those who might be interested.


Fantastic Steve ! Keep up the good work.

Brilliant Steve

Definitely Annie. I usually have one Marmite drink a day at this time of year. Yummy!

Yes that is what I am doing too, one day one day off. At the moment it is ok, I decided to try this way as I know I can sustain a diet for one day, it is the long endless slog that is impossible! As you say the idea that I can have anything tomorrow is fab! Even when I feel hungry tired and grumpy I know it is just for today! Keep us up dated, it is good to see how others are doing, it helps me stick with it!

I am just over a week into this eat one day fast the next, must say so far so good it’s like I am starting a diet very other day and breaking it on the other days…so it’s pretty easy to manage whenever I feel hungry I just tell myself I can have what I want tomorrow…I have lost 2.3 kg,in nine days, I will check my weight next week…

What a good idea, marmite??

Yes Annie, you need to drink plenty of water. Also, you may find that a salty drink will help get over the headache, which can be a sign of electrolyte imbalance (or possibly of caffeine or sugar withdrawal). Try a cup of hot bouillon. Also helps a lot when it's so cold, as I often find I get very chilly on a fast day.

Have whopping head ache at the mo, think I must drink more.

Well done Annie! Yes fingers crossed. It is interesting. The other day I sat with my husband while he ate steak and chips for lunch and I just had a cup of tea! I couldnt believe i managed to do that! Also Suzanne asked me the other day if I made other dietary changes and I realised afterwards that I had in fact. I don't have elevensees and mid afternoon snacks anymore, as a rule anyway.

Well, I have done one day fating and one day eating. It is interesting; the fasting day wasnt as hard as ihad expected, but it was the first. Around 4-5 o'clock I had a real hunger hit, and we eat late as oh is french so Idid crack and have a cup of skinny chocolate, but that was 40 calories so i cut down dinner a bit. Interestingly yesterday morning I was in no hurry to eat, and I stil wasnt really bothered by lunch time, it was aound the same time 4-5 that I found thebiscuit tin, but only had and only wanted one, biscuit that is not packet!!!! So fingers crossed.................................?

Hi Annie

I would do 2 or 3 days getting used to a fixed calorific in-take and then do your fast; would not recommend fasting on the first day.

As for the pills, I doubt this régime would have any contra-indications. Depending on what you’re taking as to the possibility of reducing them or cutting them altogether and under advisement of your medic. My personal experience has been that this régime has been the start of getting to that point and it is happening.

It’s not recommended to do back-to-back fasting days

Have you looked at what types of food you feel you could live without and those that you can’t, perhaps look at alternatives. I suggested to my friend that she spent a week looking at and recording what she normally eats so that she has a proper idea of what and how much she consumes. Now she can determine how she has improved her diet and make some changes to help her get off a good start - hopefully!

Morning Margaret, well done! I have started reading the book, I would like to start right now with a fasting day but I am still taking a whole bunch of pills, for some mystery infection . I suspect if i can fast for a couple of days I will do myself nothing but good, and get shot of the pills maybe, but I am slightly reticent I just too well brain washed to do as I am told by medics?????I have 2 very easy days in front of me nothing much to do so it would be perfect...................................????????

Thanks for your comment Rachael. Everyone I know who are maintaining have echoed what you have said. I look forward to that day!

Well done. On your latest loss. I love the taste of peanut butter but dislike the texture

Good morning Margaret, wow! well done! I'm not really trying to lose at the moment, just to maintain the 10lbs that I already lost, and its working very well. I don't do it strictly, but may make a renewed effort soon to lose 4 more extra pounds and then I can call it a stone in total. Lost a pound since yesterday so just had a huge pile of peanut butter on toast to celebrate. hee hee :-D

Good morning all

Been on the scales this morning and have lost another kg so very pleased with that (16.5 in total)

Thank you so much Mary. In the beginning it was all about getting my sugars down and to get off the inuslin which I had started taking in March. Also, my GP was getting fed-up with telling me time and time again that "there are easier ways to kill yourself!" Yes, she really did say that and when I had lost 8kg, she gave me a hug and a kiss. That surprised a few people in the village.

Thanks again for your encouragement and the encouragement that everyone has given to each other

Thanks for that Belinda and I agree with all of the above.

I'm really keen to know when your book centred on food available in France is published; a very neat and useful idea. I'll take a look at your blog later on and I'd be interested in joining your FB group at some point.

For me, it was giving up artificial sweeteners, milk and non-complex carbs. As a diabetic, it's necessary to have some carbohydrate with each meal but that's do-able with complex carbs although I don't always want them. I found straight away that 2,000 cals a day was just too much and now average 1,300 on the 5 days.

Thanks for sharing some really interesting snippets

Thanks for sharing Colin and well done. At least your wife has experienced some benefit from doing it.

Thanks for the tip on the skinny meals for one; have just downloaded it to my Kindle. Takes the thinking out of what to cook and I can always double up for my husband. It should help to stop overcooking which has always been something I do.

I too use It's wise to check some of the nutritional values on the database as they are not always accurate given that all users can add to it. I always check and add from the lates 2013 Calorie Carbs & Fat Bible so if you see that as "brand", it's me.

I hope you are able to get back into it next week as planned and good luck