The 64 Players present "Beauty & the Beast" 10th December 2016

We saw last years production of Aladdin and it was a blast! We’ll be there if you want to meet up for a coffee/beer beforehand.

Salies-de-Béarn Dept. 64 - (45 minutes Pau/Biarritz 90 minutes Bordeaux)

For tickets and other enquiries message @Bernadette

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Cast and crew photo link;

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Great fun to see the 64 Players directed by @jacsboswell rehearsing tonight!

Message @Bernadette for ticket sales

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Nice to see you tonight @Clare_Norman :slight_smile:

Yes you too James, I did let the other know about your website too


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Thanks @Bernadette :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s been too long. Too busy messing about with am-dram groups!


Just posted the video from last night’s rehearsal @Bernadette please share it where you can! If you want to send me a list of your cast members I can invite them to SF too if that helps? A few are members already @Ian_Dyckhoff @Clare_Norman @chris_george that I know of. See you soon.

You can link directly to this post if you like

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Hello James,

I have sent the link to our members, and have given the website details for Survive France to them all too



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Excellent! :grin: Thanks @Bernadette

What’s the easiest way of sharing the video on our FB page ? I can link to your page but can’t work out how to just post the vid.


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This code should do it