The Beach this Summer

Any thoughts on how French beach towns are going to be able to turn this …

Into this …

Shark bait should do it!

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Not sure that worked, unless you intended an enigmatic response!

If it is doable at La Grande Motte it is doable on the Mediterranean anywhere really, on the Atlantic Channel and North Sea tides are a problem

Sorry that was me trying to upload a pic from my mobile this !

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Fabulous! Where is it Cat?

What are they doing at La Grande Motte Vero?

Exactly what is in your second photo :wink:

Estagnots in Les Landes. Love it there, never crowded even in high season!

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@an_droo The BBC claims it is a photo of a roped off beach in “southern France” - I know no more than that. :slight_smile:

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Ah! Just realised Vero - the picture is taken at La Grande Motte - me being dumb. I think it’s called coronabrain!
Unfortunately that wouldn’t work at Lacanau (my first picture) as the tide comes right up the beach.

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I took my dog to the vets on Monday this week in Brantome and it was chaos. Hundreds of people everywhere…no sign of social distancing. This is just not working! After spending weeks and weeks in isolation, I give up…what is the bloody point? Some people obviously have no regard for the more vulnerable people in our society…it isn’t me but I worry for them…others obviously don’t give a s~~it

Obviously some places are more responsible than others.

a friend was telling me about his Vet … only one person in with the dog (so his partner stayed in the car) … folk were told to arrive just a few minutes before their appointment time and waited in the car with their pet… until someone (plus pet) left.
masks and gel were the order of the day… and the receptionist (heavily masked etc) oversaw it all

I agree with you… it is very haphazard… been told of shops where my masked friend was regarded as something from outerspace… and folk were much too close. I asked her why she had stayed… seems she felt stupid… (which is the wrong thing of course)… I suggested she just dump her trolley and get out if that happens again…

Not sure that Gillian was refering to the vet :dog2::dog2:
More likely sight see’ers in the town.
During the early days of the lockdown I had the unfortunate experience of visiting our vet on a few occasions and as your friend tells our vet too was meticulous in rules to protect them and us.


Our dog showed symptoms that seemed remarkably similar to COVID-19: cough, high temperature, lethargy. When I queried it with my vet she said no - the dogs who “have” COVID-19 are “fomites” - I had to look that word up. In other words they are the same as a mask, a door knob or a car steering wheel that has become contaminated. They are asymptomatic, and are not, in fact “ill” merely carriers.
We still don’t know what it is that Vita has had.


Thanks Fleur, interesting. If I’ve understood correctly, people have to book a space in advance. Not sure how that would go down with the locals and visitors heading for the beach from Bordeaux

Its gonna be mental, half of Paris will be here before we’ve sneezed twice

Ditto John :smile_cat: