The benefit of stretching

Well, a couple of months ago I thought I’d conduct a bit of an experiment with myself. I’ve now been stretching for many years, so wondered how my body would react without stretching properly for a couple of months. And I must say I was a little shocked at the results. Progressively I started to feel stiffer and stiffer, and more recently noticed a few aches especially in the morning. So this morning decided enough was enough and got back to my normal stretching routine, but must say, my flexibility has certainly suffered alot. Things that I could quite easily do before were quite a chore. So the experiment did reinforce what I thought, but just wanted to test myself and better understand how I’d react, plus spur me on to continue the habit. Shocked, yes, but very pleased I did it. Now to stretch myself back to how I was, so hoping that wont be too onerous :grin:


Do you follow a particular regime? Are there any videos etc that would be good for beginners?

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That was a bit dim! Surely there’s enough proof of the benefits of stretching to satisfy you? I’m now very conscious that if for one reason or another one stops or slows exercise it is so very hard to get back to where you were, especially after a certain age.

I get shocked by the things I struggle to do now that were easy 4 or 5 years ago.

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Dim, not really! Everybody’s body reacts and performs in different ways, unless you weren’t aware, and I simply wanted to better understand how my particular body would react.

And on the contrary, I can do many things now that I could never have imagined doing many years ago. The last time I swam 5k was when I was 21. I swam 6k at 52, and the list goes on, so I disagree with the comment actually. What I’ve experienced is that it is just a matter of time and effort, unless there’s a medical reason or disability that prevents it. I know a person in the next village who regularly goes out bike riding at 90 and thinks nothing of going out walking for miles. On the flipside I also know folks in their 30’s who can’t get up stairs without getting out of breath, but they’re great a playing online games, so in the end I simply see it as a life choice.

I use some dvds that I got a few years ago now that provide a complete program of excercise and one of those is specifically for stretching. The program’s called P90X and I think it’s now shifted away from dvds to online, but not sure if you can just get the stretching element.

I just looked on youtube and although the actual dvd coverage isn’t on there, I did find a video of a guy who goes through the routine with the dvd playing in the background, but he does get a little distracted by his dog :grin: but gives a flavour of the routine.

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Well yes, and age is also sort of in that category, As long as you keep it up then you maintain ability and can keep going as your examples. But after (say) 65 you loose fitness very quickly.

I have a chronic condition and had to stop doing everything for a while. Previously walked 20km regularly and has taken me 6 months starting at 2km to work up to 7km. Used to have no problems standing up from sitting on floor without using my hands - can’t do that now.

Gard what you have carefully, your fitness is very precious!

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