The Benefits of Wearing a Mask (apart from the obvious)

I can eat as much garlic and onion as I like
I can avoid being kissed by an overly-enthusiastic recently arrived elderly English gentleman who believes “bisous” are mandatory
I can stick my tongue out at someone in the supermarket who’s behaving inconsiderately and they can’t see
I can hum loudly to the musak in the supermarket and not feel embarrassed


I read that people are having more plastic surgery as they can hide behind a mask…cheaper just to keep mine on.

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I’ve only just remembered - how could I have forgotten?

Invaluable when you break off the front tooth from your recently fitted new top denture plate and are left with a great gaping hole so you look like a Macbeth witch. Behind the mask I could blithely smile and laugh without any embarrassment. :slight_smile:


Your breath? Oh nooooo…!

You exude garlic through your pores, in your sweat and tears. Your hair. Armpits!

Garlic eater you are an oozing miasmic symphony of smell as you waft through the world. Masks are useless at masking the pervasive pungent potency of pongy allium sativum. Just revel in its sensational swirling sweaty swarthy swaggering swoop of glorious gurgling gorge-grabbing garlic oil… :garlic::garlic::garlic::garlic::garlic::upside_down_face::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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What a wonderful word picture Peter.

Not in the slightest degree OTT? :thinking::roll_eyes:

PS my wife is a garlic addict. She never eats dessert but would eat a tub of garlic ice-cream for breakfast. I jest, but she loves garlic :icecream::garlic:

Not at all Peter. For you, I thought it was quite restrained. :slight_smile:


Ta, Sue @spj. :+1: