The best French radio station?

Can you recommend me a good French Radio Station?

I like to listen to the radio - and find it a good way to learn a language too.

So I am looking for a radio station with a good mixture of talking and music - and since my French is still on a limited level it should not be neither the most intellectual nor the most hip/filled with slang - radiostation. (If the station would play music newer than the Genesis / Seal / Status Quo hey-day period, it would also be a great bonus!)

Let me know - what do you find to be the best French radio channel?


I really like TSF, Jazz Radio, and listen to it for the language as well as the good selection of music. I am glad you posted this and will check out other peoples’ suggestions!

Hi all.
Thanks for all your good suggestions.
I know FIP - has it on my alarm-clock, as the radio station that wake us up in the morning. :slight_smile:

The rest I will immediately check out!


Not much speech (although the silky-smooth femail continuity presenters will help you achieve that elusive perfect accent) but I can’t resist recommending fip Its strapline is ‘curieuse et exigeante’ - can’t think of a better way of describing a station that’s playful enough to back-to-back Mozart and the White Stripes (yes, it’s true, I heard it). Majors on jazz in the evenings… this is where I started to discover Francophone music that’s not mainstream pop. Anyone else a fan?

Unashamedly promoting my daughter’s one appearance on Europe1. She is my daughter after all……

Siobhan starts at about 30 min 20 secs and again at 40:55

Video on



How about RTL2? it’s a lot of music with some simple talk and games. Easy to understand. Not too much information breaking your brains off. Music’s pretty well mixed too.

not sure where you are but our (only) local radio station is Montaillou and, well, its very local. Music is most definitely pre-70s with a fair smattering of Brel / Piaf etc but we like it!

Europe1 has a fair mix of talking and music
En Direct

The music is limited but I find France-Info great for learning French, especially on long car journeys. By the time you have heard the same piece 4 or 5 times, you will have had time to understand it correctly.