The best French radio station?

(Ditte Jakobsen) #1

Can you recommend me a good French Radio Station?

I like to listen to the radio - and find it a good way to learn a language too.

So I am looking for a radio station with a good mixture of talking and music - and since my French is still on a limited level it should not be neither the most intellectual nor the most hip/filled with slang - radiostation. (If the station would play music newer than the Genesis / Seal / Status Quo hey-day period, it would also be a great bonus!)

Let me know - what do you find to be the best French radio channel?


(Diana Lynn) #2

I really like TSF, Jazz Radio, and listen to it for the language as well as the good selection of music. I am glad you posted this and will check out other peoples’ suggestions!

(Ditte Jakobsen) #3

Hi all.
Thanks for all your good suggestions.
I know FIP - has it on my alarm-clock, as the radio station that wake us up in the morning. :slight_smile:

The rest I will immediately check out!


(Sarah Gant) #4

Not much speech (although the silky-smooth femail continuity presenters will help you achieve that elusive perfect accent) but I can’t resist recommending fip Its strapline is ‘curieuse et exigeante’ - can’t think of a better way of describing a station that’s playful enough to back-to-back Mozart and the White Stripes (yes, it’s true, I heard it). Majors on jazz in the evenings… this is where I started to discover Francophone music that’s not mainstream pop. Anyone else a fan?

(John Wilson) #5

Unashamedly promoting my daughter’s one appearance on Europe1. She is my daughter after all……

Siobhan starts at about 30 min 20 secs and again at 40:55

Video on



(Georgi COZIC) #6

How about RTL2? it’s a lot of music with some simple talk and games. Easy to understand. Not too much information breaking your brains off. Music’s pretty well mixed too.

(Nickie Kirke) #7

not sure where you are but our (only) local radio station is Montaillou and, well, its very local. Music is most definitely pre-70s with a fair smattering of Brel / Piaf etc but we like it!

(John Wilson) #8

Europe1 has a fair mix of talking and music
En Direct

(Steve YATES 2) #9

The music is limited but I find France-Info great for learning French, especially on long car journeys. By the time you have heard the same piece 4 or 5 times, you will have had time to understand it correctly.