The Best of France: A Two Week Itinerary

Blimey, I would be Utterly Knackered, glad to get 'ome :thinking:

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Agree Bill, also one of the problems with attempting to see so many places in a short time is that your head is so ‘stuffed’ you forget what you saw where!
We all know that there are some beautiful places in France and it’s just not possible to see them all in a short time. Lots of my favourites are missing but then I am not a tourist so have had more time to explore, thankfully ! :blush:

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Ah, but then you could say that you had “done” France!


A maxim of mine when travelling/holidaying is, don’t try to do too much, or you finish up doing, seeing nuttin’:roll_eyes:

Over the years I’ve met several Americans who do this sort of thing. It seems to be more of an attempt to complete a tick list than to enjoy France.
The article itself is just a bit predictable. It could have been written by someone who had never visited the country but knew of the top tourist sites. That’s not the France that I love to explore. Earlier in the week I met a North American who has brought his motorcycle over to France to explore the country. He will see so much more of the country than anyone who follows a list of well known sights.


Overheard recently, tourists descending from a coach,
“Well Honey, where’s this?”
"Thursday, Um, must be France I guess :thinking:

One of my dreams David is to have a camping car with all the extras, awnings etc; ( with cycles/moped attached ) and go touring France (out of season) and stopping off where and when I want. Lots of places still to see and others to revisit. Then touring other parts of Europe…as I don’t do the lottery I suppose this will have to stay a dream :thinking:

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