The best Vintage Car event in the South West

Just a reminder of this fantastic event on Sunday and the weather promises to be exceptionally good.

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Hi Dan, where is Bazas? Wish I’d known about this earlier. Does it have anything to do with Retromobile in Paris? I launched a book at the latter a few (several) years ago, but stopped attending as it was simply far too crowded and queus kms long! Victim of its own success!

Incidentally, the book fell well and truly into your ‘coffee table’ type in the '(now defunct) Commercial Art blog- very limited edition of a 1000 copies (now out of print and un-obtainable - unless you know the right person!

Stats just under 1,000 pictures art, posters etc, weighs just under 3kgs, 523 pages, hardback. Jay Leno’s Motoring Book of the Year 2009(?)

Morning Norman - I posted about this wonderful event 20 days ago under the title ‘Discovering Sud Gironde - Bazas’. You obviously missed it, as for where Bazas is located try using and you will be able to pinpoint it and get plenty of info about the town.

I don’t know if today is connected to the Paris salon but like Paris it is a very successful event. Over 25000 visitors expected to look at over 2000 cars and bikes. We always go at lunchtime when the collective French appetite needs assuaging and the many restaurants are choc-a-bloc - There’s a bit more room to photograph the cars.

Very impressed that your book was selected by Jay Leno as book of the year in 2009. I have watched some excerpts from his car show on YouTube - he’s a real vintage/classic car connoisseur.