The bid Puppy day and 3 Pups still available

To Gina and all my doggy friends.

Just to let you all know that the Pups are off to be microchipped and vacinated tomorrow and will start joining their new famillies.

The news on the Block is that we still have 3 left looking for amazing homes. 2 gilrs and a boy they were all reserved but had a few cancelations along the way.

Promise to send some vet visit pics tomorrow.


Hi Siobham how is it going. Do you still have puppies left? If you do I think we need to do a concerted effort to help you to find homes. Let me know how it is going. Gina x

Have just given Mickey your phone no - hope this is ok - see you Saturday! xx

Hi Siobham,
James tells me you have some puppies left. We are lookig for a new buddy for our dog Gus after his old mate died suddenly last month.
Can you tell about te puppies and maybe send a photo.

Thanks Mickey