The bored bard


by the bored bard 2020

the food aisles look like long hospital corridors

where we play trolley-dodgems under the bright theatre lights

we masked up like surgeons with psychiatric intentions

our washed hands are now as dry as shiny paper

I see the maskless

a touch of the cuckoo about them?

I can’t help but think that they could be

laying their eggs in other people’s nests

they could be spreaders

for they do not know

the difference between

margarine and butter

the checkouts workers

are safe behind their see through screens

for they operate the clinically clean conveyor belts

they too continually wash their red sore hands

slowly the country reopens

the tourists trickle in

and when they come

and they will come

I pray to god

the we don’t have a second coming

not just yet

all we can do is wait for the “all clear”


Hi Tony - I ‘liked’ this when you first posted it, as did others - and thought I’d look it up again and venture to comment.
The supermarket-hospital analogy is powerful, and I enjoyed your thought-provoking word-play (spreaders, second coming) - though for me the highlight is ‘masked up like surgeons with psychiatric intentions / our washed hands are now as dry as shiny paper’ - made me wonder if you know Paul Ricoeur’s Theory of Metaphor - it is certainly a ‘semantic clash’ - shocks us into our own creativity.

But tell me - are you looking for feedback/discussion? (If not - sorry!)

Oh just remembered - the English title of the book is The Rule of Metaphor - not theory of metaphor - though that’s what it is!

Hi there thanks for you kind words and feedback. Feedback and discussion is good. I suppose I just wanted to meet up with others who share a love of poetry and writing. I don’t claim to be an expert but I do like to play with words and develop connections with words that strengthen their meanings and to make people think. I originally wrote this back in April. Welcome to my world and do feel free to keep in touch. Tony

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I share your love of poetry and writing Tony, and would encourage you to post more.

I taught literature in my younger days, first in a school, then a university (Keele, where among my colleagues were several published poets such as Roy Fisher and Richard Godden) - I also once set up a bookshop and publishing business, and organised readings with some very prominent poets - I have nice signed books by the likes of Roger McGough, etc…

I used to write poetry myself, but over the years this took more and more of a back seat to the technical writing I was paid to do - though I like to think my general skills as a wordsmith continued to play a part even in writing dry technical guides!

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