The Boris Tax

€46 off my pension this month!!

198 euros less from a regular transfer made yesterday compared to 5 weeks ago. #borsitax
GBP/EUR 1.314 May 31st

GBP/EUR 1.191 June 4th

And it's down 2 more points today.

Wouldn't you like to get your hands round his neck?!?!

Roger, the whole lot of them that set foot on the big red lie bus.

Still -- after a nasty premonition, I booked November holidays on June 16th (with pounds) and saved over £300!!

That's quite a drop.

Is this about the lowest rate that sterling to euro has been ? Can't be so far off ?

It's close, back up to 1.18 today

No it's been significantly lower than this. It was near parity in I think 2009/2010 was it? - I did once see it drop below parity very briefly, I think it was on Sea France (RIP) - I remember I actually took a photo, it looked so bizarre on the board - before it started rising again.

Blimey - I don't remember that.

Fingers crossed that things start to move in the right direction.

Apparently it was a year earlier than I thought - I remember it was at the end of the year because I was going back the the UK for Christmas

"Customers changing £200 at Birmingham and Liverpool were last night receiving just €197.13 from Travelex counters"