The Brexit Blog: General Election 2019: the aftermath


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There’s a heap of negative comment on his* message, some of it crudely hostile and insulting.

If *Ambassador Llewellyn is willing to put himself personally in the frame to meet concerned and/or aggrieved Brits face-to-face, he should be given credit for it, holding doubts about his good faith in reserve, I think.

One respondent held out the threat of returning to UK to clog up the NHS and get social housing. How much that would work to her advantage by advertising her intentions over her full name beats me!

But there’s one born every minute.

In :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿*England.:stuck_out_tongue::smiley:

*That’s supposed to be an In-ger-land flag, Cross of St George! :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿¹

Ah, yes you did…

However even there I don’t think that the PM is totally free to do as he pleases as he balances pressure from different factions - business, the ERG etc.

Johnson has put himself in position as the only one who can make the final choice. Let us hope he chooses wisely; his history in such matters, however, is poor.

A leopard doesn’t change its spots.

His pattern is of serial betrayals.

He will fall again, and many more people will experience betrayal again.

But he will survive unscathed, and very likely unmoved. In his own estimation he is inestimable, widely admired and loved, and incapable of being any other way, or of being seen in any other way. He is seduced by his own splendour. What anyone else thinks of him can be brushed aside as of no importance.

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The latest superior analysis (from Chris Grey) of BloJo’s wretched undercooked oven-ready TV dinner, apparantly microwaved in its toxic plasticised wrapper and fried grey polystyrene cradle, complete with a single serving of ‘Mark François’ yerghout dressing…:nauseated_face:

Joyeux Noël !

Unfortunately, it seems that he has a cohort of newly elected MP’s who have no conscience and will follow him no matter how much he lies.
Wera Hobhouse, Lib Dem MP for Bath, said yesterday that the UK has lost its soul and I don’t think it could be put any more cogently than that.


Well they will find out just how much they need EU citizens to keep their economy working, especially in the lower paid jobs that Brits wont do.

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I don’t think it’s the pay that’s the issue. Minimum wage is minimum wage and plenty of Brits work on min wage. It’s hard work the Brits don’t like.


Well said, Jess. There is so much claptrap on this subject, like “this might happen“ or “that might happen“, or “something else might happen”. The sky might fall in for God’s sake. Let’s have no more of this ridiculous speculation. Like you say, we will be told.

When you assert “we will be told” you conjecture (it’s just that, because you don’t know, you’re just speculating old chap).

One might suggest, on the balance of evidence about Boris Johnson’s reliability, that someone is clap-trapping here about what will happen, but politeness forbids I should point a finger…:thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW the metéo tells me the sky is falling in all over the midi and eastern France, and people are enduring awful floods in consequence.

it’s more about what we will be told…


Especially outdoors lifting vegetables for Brits to eat.

A Facebook group were discussing the election results & one comment was “Boris won a big majority so he must be good!”.

It set me to thinking that, yes, it can look that way.

As a garagiste though, I tend to put an automotive analogy to these things.

In an ideal world we have choices. With cars we have a huge choice but with political parties less so.

A family man may need a suitable car to transport the family & his heart might say this -

​However, his head says this -

But if there are only three real choices it cuts down the options considerably, so he needs to choose one.

Option 1 -

​Or option 2 -

​Finally option 3 -

old horse

​I would guess that with a requirement to transport the family most would select option 1, which might lead the supplier of these to say how popular this car is compared to the competition so it must be the right choice. I would use the phrase “least worse”.
You can attribute a political party to each of the forms of transport to suit yourselves.


And you think we should just accept what we are told like sheep.
Get real!

The overwhelming support for the Conservatives was up by just 2% from the last election - not quite what the media would suggest. Labour down by 20%, LibDems up by 50%

What a poor electoral system the UK has.

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Whatever your political beliefs may be, they only relate to the UK on this subject. The UK is about to leave the EU, like it or not, and we will become non-EU citizens, just like Americans, Canadians, Australians, etc. The latter might suggest that, ‘nobody whines like a pom’. Trust in Mr Macron and Boris. We will be told, when agreements have been made.

They are politicians, the only thing that you can trust them to do is tell lies.

That is because we have an electorate which, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson slightly, “can’t handle the truth”.

Option #2 looks like a Motobécane cycle, and I have one exactly the same, but in better nick. With a bit of TLC that bike would brush up very nicely and sell on eBay for up to €250.

They are as light as a feather, handle beautifully and cost nothing to run. :kissing_heart: