The Brexit Blog: General Election 2019: the aftermath

Don’t throw that Brexit carcass away, there’s still plenty of dark meat left on the bones, and lots of stuffing-balls to toss around until New Year and beyond.

Chris Grey has decided to continue his highly-acclaimed, uncannily accurate and far-sighted blog until another crowd of feckless turkeys vote for another roasting in 5 years time…

So this thread will keep everyone who wants to gobble into Spring, Summer and beyond the point of no-return can do so, without more than a twitch of the weary and Brexit-benumbed thumb…:-1:

Enjoy! :smiling_imp::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::zipper_mouth_face:


We still do not know how this will affect our healthcare.
We had the letter from the NHS Business Services Authority saying that in the event of a No Deal our healthcare will be affected.
Can anyone tell me if The Withdrawal Agreement goes through, will that guarantee our healthcare or if by the end of 2020 if there is no Trade Agreement will that affect our healthcare.
I cannot ring the NHS in UK, as our 'phone is still out despite an engineer appearing in our lane this morning.

Work on the principle of no deal at the end of next year, that seems most likely at present.


but does it say how it will be affected?
Of course there may be some differences but as @anon88169868 says plan on the basis of no deal and anything short of that might be a bonus.
The important thing is not to get stressed out about it. You have been here a considerable length of time and France is not the bastard country that is the UK :grin:
Whereas no-show blojo would prefer to be dead in an cold English ditch I would prefer to suffer a peaceful and comfortable demise here among friends.

At the beginning of this year the French ministry of the interior set out the arrangements that will apply in either scenario. If the UK shifts a red line this may change, otherwise it won’t. I would go by that, rather than expect any useful info from HMRC.

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Yes, we have two years from the French, but it is the attitude of Boris Johnson that gets up my nose.
Did you hear him say anything about affecting UK citizens’ in the EU’s rights to healthcare in his manifesto and his many rantings?

Jim has just fund this in The Connexion, yes I know, but!

If the UK should ‘crash out’ at the end of 2020 because the negotiations cannot be completed on time this would have major repercussions for trade between the EU and UK (with the immediate imposition of trading tariffs and more paperwork as the UK ceased to be aligned with EU rules), and for the UK / EU relationship. It is also likely the pound would plunge again, penalising Britons in France living on incomes in pounds.

However it would not cancel the Withdrawal Agreement, which would be then already be an international treaty and remain operational – in other words existing British expatriates would still keep their uprated pensions and healthcare arrangements etc.

Hopefully they are right this time.


Paul why so negative! Do you not have faith in Kim Il BoJo ?

He has a trail of failed projects behind him so why would you use this as evidence of imminent failure with trying to achieve the impossible?


Nobody knows what will happen, until thenFrench government decides how we are to be dealt with. We will then be told.

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I caught a glimpse of a news flash yesterday that stated that Boris and team were adding several new clauses to the Withdrawal Agreement that is to be brought before Parliament this Friday so anything could happen.
As others have pointed out I also have more faith in the French authorities than in my home country lot so will wait to receive confirmation from them.

and the hapless pratts who signed up to BloJo’s deal in order to secure a place in his messianic win will soon realise they just signed up for an empty box…

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What’s the point of getting Parliament to look at a document which has had new clauses added unilaterally that haven’t been agreed with the EU? The EU wants to get on with the trade deal. Trying to tinker with the WA yet again is not going to go down well. Maybe that’s the plan.

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More than likely.
You cannot trust him as far as you can throw him, and with my bad arm that’s about 1ft.

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but with a well placed back-hander Jane you could well knock him into the middle of next week :slightly_smiling_face:
Personally, I’d like to punch his light out… but I’d probably be prosecuted for injuring a protected species - a toad!


A natterjack!

The pundits [stop that laughing, at the back!] note that this piece of legislation is redundant because to extend or not to extend is, as with the other previous extended deadlines, entirely the business of the PM, at the UK end.

Bojo has stuck it into the W.A. to get up M. Barnier’s schnozz and to keep the ERGistas quiet until, if he feels an extension coming on, he extends …

Surely the EU get a say in that - not that they are likely to outright reject an application.

It is clear that Johnson wants to repeat May’s mistakes and box himself into a corner, he might not be ablle to get himself out of it come the end of the year.

Sadly, he had no need to mention anything much but ‘G.B.D’ and ‘N.H.S.’ to achieve his objective. ‘Rights of UK citizens in the EU’ [sic] was entirely irrelevant to the voters of Blyth Valley and Sedgefield.

As I said ‘At the UK end’ …