The "call for unity" France 18 juin 1940

82nd Anniversary today…

I remember seeing that as a permanent notice outside the hotel de Ville at Brantome en Perigord and really felt the emotion rising as I read it. Couldn’t find it the last time I was there though and wondered if it had been moved.

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Hubby took the little one to our ceremony this morning, sadly my foot couldn’t cope with the walking / standing. It was accompanied by a ancient military vehicle parade. DH said it was very moving and he teared up.


I’ve attended when there have been local Commemorations and in those days, we still had one or two standing with us… who were “survivors” of those times.
and it was, as you say, very moving when those words are read aloud.

During covid many things changed or were set aside…

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One of the Elders of our village… was around 12 when she started helping the Resistance. Seems she looked younger than her years, so passed unnoticed through security checks and that sort of stuff…

One time when we were chatting, I gently mentioned how brave she had been, but she shrugged her shoulders, dismissing such praise and (more or less ) said…
“I wasn’t being brave. If something needed to be done and I could do it (whatever it was)… I just did it.”

An amazing lady, I’d known her for years, before discovering her “story”.
Sadly she’s now in the local OFHome, needing constant care (she’s lost it a bit)… but no matter… the locals (incl OH and myself)… we are all very proud of her and visit as and when we can.


I can really sympathise with that. My OH has a knackered cartilage on her right knee and currently needs crutches. We’re on holiday as well at the mo, but it’s not stopping us. It just needs a bit of organisation and logistic thought … which I’m quite good at :+1: