The Church and Investments

Pot and kettle ?? or just a means to an end… ???

If the C of E was a major shareholder in Amazon Inc then I would perhaps accept the premise that it might be able to exert some pressure on the company to improve the pay and working conditions of it’s employees however that’s not the case so I see this as nothing more than gross hypocrisy especially when it’s further revealed that the church employs people on zero-hours contracts which is something else JW decried in his speech at the TUC conference.


I’ve never been able to get on with amazon and completely unworkable for me from here for some reason …I’m fine about it though…

Morning All

The church not only uses zero hours contracts, but also zero pay contracts,

My brother-in-law is a non stipendiary vicar, basically doing a vicar job for no pay but just the satisfaction he gets for doing the job.


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Voluntary Work is very rewarding… (even though no money changes hands) :relaxed: