The crazy romance between the French and the English

Many British fall in love with the beauty of France....her delicate landscaped curves and perhaps

her nonchalonse. And the French who venture to uk to chip a little bit off that Briton Rock which

which is riddled with opportunity and financial security.A close relationship which may

never end in marriage. My best friend in London was/is French and found it so hard to

admit that London life had changed but although we bickered on many occassions she has

ended up moving here first.

We are still friends ...2 gemini so different. She is a book keeper by desire and a very

tidy minded person...ALWAYS gets things right but never admits to error.

I hate administration and I seem to be unable to do things just as others do. So I do

not drive, get involved in IT. Seek and find the real person without looking at their fine

outfit but note their lack of imiagination.

Someone said....on here the other day...that I was wiered/weired.

I will look at the dictionary more closely....perhaps.

But we all see things in a different way....thank goodness.

I feel that those of us who have ventured here are making a brave, but necessary

change to our lives in search of santuary.

This is indeed a Forum for people who need people....

Being kind cost nothing...that and air is all we have which is free.

Use these wisely.

People who love France.

Well, after top side of a millenium beating the crap out of each other it would be hard to remove the hate like one rotten tooth, or not?

oh Aries....

God's tidy minded people.

Is romance ever simple? Oh no.

But I talk also about that this love hate relationship between France and England.

No, not me. We needed a compromise. I have wanted to leave the UK for years, my OH does not want to return to Switzerland. Our first choice, and where we have close friends, was Portugal. We could neither find nor afford what we wanted there, so we took stock of languages, affordability, bureaucracy, mobility and other important factors for us which ruled out Italy or Spain and chose France. Where we are is more the outcome of random selection than planning and here we are, we are happy and apart from work being slack, we have nothing to complain about.