The Crown on Netflix

I couldn’t resist getting stuck in whilst having my lunch today, only two episodes mind, got to space them out a bit. Well having read so much about it and how awful it is compared to the real thing, all I have to say is, its fiction mostly so people should enjoy it as that and not as a real insight into the british royal family. I do have to say this latest series is making Charles out to be a right b****rd and Diana the poor badly treated wife. Imelda Staunton does sound like her maj too. Another soap opera style series but enjoyable.

As a staunch republican and fed up to the back teeth with that family the last thing I would like to do with Netflix is to watch even more of them.
An added incentive to leave well alone is the fact that I couldn’t stand Diana and all her fluttering wide eyed stares, but on the other hand find Charlie the least unacceptable of the whole bunch. :rofl:

Pity though as I do like Imelda Staunton, a very good actress. :smiley:

Sorry Shiba, each to their own, so I really hope you do enjoy your watching of it. :joy:


He handled the egg throwing incident today with a certain aplomb :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I thought he was going to say to the person he was talking to ‘would you like an egg?’ :rofl:

Well I did watch the four previous series so thought best to carry on. It is utter rubbish really, they have no real idea of what goes on and what is said so in a way I liken it to Carry On Royal Family and Pr.Andrew is a right little baby this time, looks like a dork too!

I see what you mean, and I can watch and enjoy a gangster film without ever having been, or approved of, a gangster. But there just seems so much about such a totally unjustified, in a democracy, institution.
BTW I really quite like Camilla, perhaps because she and Charlie are in a genuine relationship rather than a manufactured one.


She has grown on me too, still likes her fags too I think. The Queen in this series comes across as very uncaring apart for the monarchy but blow her kids and family. Diana is a spoiled brat, Pr.Maggie is an alky and the old Queen Mum is an interfering old busybody who watches TV all day! Bit like posh Shameless