The Degeneration of Facebook in 10 Statuses

Well, that started the day with a chuckle…:laughing:

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I knew there was a reason why I’ve never ever used arsebook.

Ha ha… Mark…it can get a bit obsessive… so I work at keeping my FB page just for our far-flung family … and by careful and discriminating usage… and fighting hard to keep my finger away from the Like button …it is OK.

I hate posts that try to shame you into responding… and anything that says the person will be damned etc if they do not respond… well, my sister-in-law sends them all to me… thus, she is saved and she knows I will just ignore them…:wink:

Anyway, cousin Rory in SA zapped me a message with a photo he has just taken this morning…and all the family (in 7 countries) can get in on the action if they choose to… (only 3 are awake so far )… we are widespread and it is an excellent way of keeping in touch…

So, I would say Facebook is a bit like alcohol… avec modération… :heart_eyes:

This is a great help… for keeping Facebook under control…

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