The Doctor and The Dipsomaniac

My novel The Doctor and The Dipsomaniac has been reduced in price to £2.04, 2E 68, or $3.50 on Amazon download.

DOCTOR LATYMER arrives on a council estate in Leicester, England, a country full of hope after dreadful experiences of the Second World War. The Doctor settles into life on the estate trying to forget the nightmare images in his memory of the concentration camp, Belsen. The young doctor quickly becomes the local miracle worker. When food poisoning strikes the estate residents, Doctor Latymer sets out to right injustices that he doesn't fully understand. He tangles with a capitalist and a politician in the British government. He sees the balance between rich and poor, the struggling economy still reliant on rationing and the black market.

The novel then takes a turn. Doctor Latymer moves from being the new and naïve doctor who has been cast into the role of sorting out the world’s problems, into a darker drama as those around him are accused of murder.

Doctor Latymer's story is a good British story, reflecting the history of its age as we are taken back to 1948, the years after the Second World War.
This is real page turner, over 400 pages worth.


Stephen Butt of BBC Radio says -

"RICH IN ATMOSPHERE and the colour of the time, all the characters are alive. This is a true reflection of life in a certain suburb of Leicester in the English East Midlands, but the themes are universal. This could well be your neighbourhood facing the challenge of a changing world at the end of the 2nd World War.”

In her review Lynn Michell, author of White Lies says,

"Glyn Pope is a fine story teller and in his new novel, he has an excellent story to tell. The narrative moves between the day-to-day life of a family doctor in 1948, looking after his working class patients, and the underhand dealings of the local factory owner and his crooked government pals. Then one of the capitalists is murdered. But by whom?
Glyn paints his characters - the funny, the sane and the sad - vividly. They leap off the page. He also captures the time and place: I can see the scenes as if I am watching a film. I can feel the chilliness of the rooms, and share the characters' hunger. Britain was close to famine in 1948 and it is on this historical fact that Glyn hangs his tale. The time and place are made real by the historical vignettes - when life was different, the pace much slower, and the local doctor really did care. But beneath the gentle rhythms of daily life, faster, darker currents are rolling in towards a stormy climax.
I read this novel in one sitting. `The Doctor and The Dipsomaniac', a story of corruption and murder, is for a rainy afternoon, a long journey or simply because you like a well written, fast paced story."

An Amazon buyer wrote L. Clark says

“I received this earlier today, and I think the fact that I have galloped through this eager to find out the whys and a wherefores says a lot. This is an evocative book, that conjures up a time and place only just gone by, I liked the descriptive prose and the characters, flaws and all. I will be looking out for other books by this author and would be interested in hearing more about a certain doctor with a social conscience.”

Amazon buyer Anne in Australia says of the novel,

“I had today off work so sat down with a cuppa out the back and continued reading. I have just finished the book!!! I got nothing else done! But who cares!!!I loved your book! I didn't want it to end! It was one of the most enjoyable books I've read in a long time. You are a legend!!” (Never been called a legend before.)

Both the first and second novels are included here; 134,000 words, so the price really is two for one! And I guarantee that if you buy this novel, read it and don’t enjoy it you can have a full refund.

Determined to share this, Glyn, as it's such a wonderful, atmospheric read. Just need to sort out the technical problem first...