The dreaded vine weevil

(jane capoani) #1

Now is the time to check for vine weevils in your pots and containers.Found over 40 of them in one single pot yesterday and fed them to the birds.Each year I try different makes of insecticide and even got my sister to send me some Provado vinweevil killer from England with no luck so the best thing to do if you see you pots of pansies etc looking a bit sad and droopy tip the pot up and remove the grubs which look and feel quite revolting but the plants pick up immediatly

(jane capoani) #2

yuck!!! if you cut them in half they ooze black stuff …really revolting

(Peter Shield) #3

If all this html code means that the picture I just posted works then like the picture above

(Mary Colburn-Green) #4

What do they look like?

(Peter Shield) #5

We get plagued with them in our pots, as a certified organic small holding our options are limited- I do dig them up and squash them- not one of my favourite pastimes I have to say.

The other option is to use Nematodes, little worm like chaps that eat them in their larva stage- pretty disgusting but it all happens out of sight, its not cheap but and its organic and safe.