The end is in sight... more storms expected

I do hope so… just a little freshness would be so very welcome…

Me too. The forecast here tomorrow is for 32°C and cloud/rain in the afternoon. Glory be!!!

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Just came back from visiting a friend who lives nearby, the temperature was 39° at 19 h00 (real time)
This is nothing like the local forecasts say. :dizzy_face:
Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than today with a max of 35°, so if I calculate correctly that will mean that tomorrow evening at the same time we will have 42° .
In any case storms are predicted for tomorrow evening with a lowering of temperatures, Wednesday is ‘crap’ and Thursday, the day of a local fête medieval it’s dire … On verra ! :confounded:

Rotten luck if the weather turns just in time for the local fête :zipper_mouth_face: Such things take a lot of organizing and hard work…so I hope it turns out to be OK… :wink:

Yes - it looks like it is going to turn just in time for our August visit :frowning:

I was reliably informed that Summer ends on 15th August… and, each year since that prophesy of doom, I have noticed a marked drop in the temperature…a dip but then a gentle rise into a wonderful September. …

Hopefully, the rain expected this week will clear the air and make way for some normal sunshine…:relaxed:

Well at least my fishes will be happy ! :fish::blowfish::tropical_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish:

Had a short but violent storm in the early hours, followed by a longer violent one (actually 2 storms at the same time) that finally finished just before 9 am. Incredible skies, pink flashes and violet and silver fork lightning.
The sky is very charged so I don’t think we are finished with it yet.
We also got a little rain :clap::clap:

Had a rumbling-tummy storm early this morning… then a good deluge… but other folk have had problems.

For me, it is finally cool enough to need a T-shirt rather than the flimsy, sleevless thing I’ve been flitting about in … all is well here… :relaxed:

Reference prophesies of doom, Stella, the prophet Elijah got to the heart of the matter when he upbraided the Israélites for forsaking their Creator and turning to Baal.

For the sake of the crops, the gazon, the fish, and the little children crying for bread, when there is nothing left to feed them, stop worshipping Baal everybody. :no_entry: Job done! :wink:

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Magnificent storm here last night. Constant thunder and sheets of lightening; strikes several times a second lighting up the night. Absolutely torrential rain and hail. Unbelievable. Best (worst) storm I can ever remember. Today has been spent clearing up the damage to our local school and building our tented area ready for our Fete weekend.

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Good to be in the frozen North, none of the rubbish in the South, just a bit of gentle rain, wee rumble of thunder for 10mins, am I pleased with the not so 'ot climate here, comparatively gentle here in the winter/spring too I think :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Chris!

Can I come to the fête?

Name’s Baal… :grin:

Storm on Thursday morning knocked out our local phone/internet server. Orange said yesterday it would be repaired by next Tuesday at the earliest, Done at 10.30 today…not bad.

BTW, storms were quite spectacular, river full of sand and mud, but fortunately no where near as bad as in the south.